Analogue Solutions Fusebox X ANALOGUE 3 VOICE POLYSYNTHESISER 19.01.2022
Tone2 releases Heavenly Flights for Icarus 10.01.2022
TONE2 Audio releases Gladiator 3.1 16.12.2021
Arturia unleashes PolyBrute V2.0 Soundshaper firmware 09.12.2021
Tone2 Warlock 07.12.2021
TONE2 Audio releases Icarus 2.0.6 06.12.2021
Tone2 Nemisis2 30.11.2021
UDO ships Super 6 Desktop Synthesizer 26.11.2021
Rob Papen Predator-3 Synthesizer 16.11.2021
20 Jahre Superbooth - Zeit für Neues 12.11.2021
20 Years of SUPERbooth - Time for something new 12.11.2021
Analogue Solutions’ Colossus comes back in black as a limited-edition 08.11.2021
Arturia Upgrades KeyLab MkII range With Velocity Update 05.11.2021
Arturia introduces WaveUser for MicroFreak 26.10.2021
Rob Papen lets loose with enhanced eXplorer-7 bundle 25.10.2021
Buchrezension | Synth Gens 1 15.10.2021
Noise Engineering releases three free Plugins 11.10.2021
Großes Update für Tracktions Synthesizer Abyss 11.10.2021
Rückblick auf die SUPERBOOTH21 05.10.2021
Looking Back at SUPERBOOTH21 05.10.2021
Wide Blue Sound annoucnes all-new expansions for ELYSIUM organic motion synthesizer 28.09.2021
Tone2 Audio releases the 'Banser' soundset for Electra 28.09.2021
PWM startet mit neuem Synthesizer „Malevolent“ 27.09.2021
Erica Synths introduces PĒRKONS 15.09.2021
Waldorf Introduces The Wavetable Synthesizer M 15.09.2021
IK Multimedia releases the UNO Synth Pro Editor for Mac/PC 14.09.2021
BJOOKS Releases The Book ‘SYNTH GEMS 1’ 13.09.2021
Ashun Sound Machines announces Hydrasynth Deluxe and Hydrasynth Explorer keyboard 10.09.2021
Moog’s Model 15 Modular Synthesizer App Is Now Available as a VST 09.09.2021
Tone2 Audio releases Saurus v3.0 03.09.2021
xils lab KaoX Synthesizer 24.08.2021
Tone2 Audio releases the 'Synthwave' soundset for Electra 06.08.2021
SUPERBOOTH21 in 6 Wochen – das Programm und die Sondertickets 05.08.2021
Applied Acoustics System Chromaphone 3 03.08.2021
Arturia Keylab 49 mkII / 61 mkII 13.07.2021
E-RM Multiclock 06.07.2021
Erica Synths x Sonic Potions Drum Synthesizer LXR-02 05.07.2021
Tone2 Audio releases the 'TrapNBass' sound-set for Icarus2 01.07.2021
Neu bei Tracktion: f.’em Synthesizer 08.06.2021
TONE2 Audio releases Nemesis2 01.06.2021
Applied Acoustics Systems releases Multiphonics CV-1 modular synthesizer plug-in 27.04.2021
Focusrite plc acquires Sequential in industry development 27.04.2021
Neon Drifts: Neue Erweiterung für Steinberg Retrologue 2 22.04.2021
New Neon Drifts Expansion for Steinberg Retrologue 2 22.04.2021
Rob Papen Blade 2 20.04.2021
TONE2 Audio releases Warlock Synthesizer Plug-In 02.04.2021
Tone2 Icarus 2 09.03.2021
Rob Papen Quad 23.02.2021
W.A. Production Imperfect Synthesizer 28.08.2020
Rob Papen Vecto - Virtuelles Instrument 07.05.2020