Arturia unveils their expansive new flagship synthesizer, PolyBrute 16.09.2020
UDO Audio Announces Availability of the SUPER 6 Synthesizer 02.09.2020
Eventide Unleashes Chaos with Free Newfangled Audio Pendulate Monosynth 01.09.2020
W.A. Production Imperfect Synthesizer 28.08.2020
Limitierte Synthesizer Workstation: KORG KROME EX CU 19.08.2020
New Firmware Update for Ashun Sound Machine's Hydrasynth 06.08.2020
Waldorf Music Introduces Iridium Desktop Synthesizer 12.06.2020
Arturia Releases OB-Xa V 20.05.2020
Project Fracture introduces Fracture Space2.0.1 beta, a particle-based 3D instrument 15.05.2020
Rob Papen Vecto - Virtuelles Instrument 07.05.2020
Polyend launches Limited Edition Black Medusa hybrid synth 04.05.2020
Rob Papen regenerates Rack Extension synthesizer as Plug-In 27.04.2020
Novation Introduces Wavetable Editor for Peak & Summit 23.04.2020
Waldorf Music announces availability of firmware update for Quantum Synthesizer 28.03.2020
Synclavier Digital advances acclaimed Synclavier Go! iPad instrument app 24.03.2020
Plugin Alliance announces acquisition of Wolfgang Palm’s prestigious PPG synthesizer brand 20.03.2020
Audiodamage Continua 11.03.2020
Native Instruments Massive X 25.02.2020
Ashun Sound Machines advances Hydrasynth digital wave morphing synthesizer 23.01.2020
Nord Keyboards kündigt den NORD WAVE 2 an 15.01.2020
Audio Damage Continua morphing synth 09.01.2020
XILS-lab v2.5 upgrade 06.01.2020
Xaoc Devices Kamieniec Phaser-Eurorack-Modul 21.12.2019
KORG eröffnet Entwicklungsbüro in Deutschland 19.12.2019
Radikal Technologies DELTA CEP A Free Firmware Updates 18.12.2019
Elk Audio OS for everyone 06.11.2019
AIR Music Technology Loom 2 12.10.2019
Waldorf Music Kyra VA Synthesizer 07.10.2019
Erica Synths BLACK SYSTEM II 07.09.2019
Tracktion veröffentlicht Delta-V Audio’s Granular-Synthesizer SpaceCraft 26.08.2019
Spitfire Audio BT Phobos 05.08.2019
Erica Synths Fusion VCO2 11.07.2019
Radikal Technologies DELTA CEP A 23.06.2019
Arturia Pigments Update Version 1.2 14.06.2019
Rob Papen B.I.T. - Back In Time 11.06.2019
1010music Ships Blackbox! 03.06.2019
Erica Synths Grafic VCO 31.05.2019
XILS-lab Vintage Polysynth Version 3.5 28.05.2019
XILS-lab lifts venerable vintage polysynth architecture-based VI to heightened v3.5 status 20.05.2019
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers debut Voltage Research Laboratory 16.05.2019
IK Multimedia offers free Syntronik Bully bass synth virtual instrument 15.05.2019
MakeProAudio auf der SUPERBOOTH 2019 13.05.2019
Moon Modular auf der SUPERBOOTH 2019 13.05.2019
Doepfer auf der SUPERBOOTH 2019 13.05.2019
1010music Blackbox at SUPERBOOTH 2019 13.05.2019
Xaoc SUPERBOOTH 2019 News 13.05.2019
4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator 13.05.2019
Erica Synths at SUPERBOOTH 2019 13.05.2019