Tone2 releases Electra 2.9.5 30.06.2022
Bitwig Studio 4.3 Is Out Now 28.06.2022
Roland Announces JUPITER-4 Software Synthesizer 22.06.2022
Roland präsentiert den JUPITER-4 Software-Synthesizer 22.06.2022
Noise Engineering Plug-Ins 21.06.2022
Neu bei Tracktion: Granular-Synth Novum von Dawesome 20.06.2022
Meet Mavis: Moog’s New Budget-Friendly Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer 15.06.2022
Behringer Brains Eurorack-Modul 14.06.2022
Tone2 Audio releases RayBlaster 2.8 02.06.2022
Moog One Firmware v1.5.0 Now Available for Download 27.05.2022
Roland präsentiert neue JUPITER-X Modelle 23.05.2022
TONE2 Audio releases the 'Higher Realms' soundset for Saurus 13.05.2022
IK Multimedia releases UNO Synth Pro Black Edition 12.05.2022
Oberheim präsentiert den OB-X8 10.05.2022
Erica Synths presents SYNTRX II and LXR Eurorack Module 10.05.2022
Tone2 Updates the Digital Synthesizer Nemesis 05.05.2022
Waldorf Iridium 03.05.2022
Rob Papen releases RP-Distort 2 28.04.2022
Sinevibes releases Corrosion v2 for KORG synthesizers 27.04.2022
Roland Announces JUNO-X Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer 27.04.2022
Update: beSOOPER at the Badesee 08.04.2022
Update: beSOOPER am Badesee 08.04.2022
AIR Music Launches 7 New Virtual Instruments 06.04.2022
GForce Software M-Tron Pro und M-Tron MkII 05.04.2022
Novation announce Summit and Peak Firmware Update v2.0 31.03.2022
Tone2 releases Icarus v2.0.8 Wavetable Synthesizer Workstation 31.03.2022
Tone2 releases Saurus Synthesizer v3.1 17.03.2022
Roland präsentiert die FANTOM-0 Keyboard-Synthesizer-Serie 16.03.2022
Roland Introduces FANTOM-0 Synthesizer Keyboard Series 16.03.2022
BeSOOPER – The SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail Program 11.03.2022
BeSOOPER - Das SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail Programm 11.03.2022
New Plugins from Noise Engineering: Basimilus, Cursus, Desmodus 10.03.2022
Waldorf introduces polyphonic aftertouch for Iridium Keyboard 04.03.2022
Tone2 releases Electra 2.9 04.03.2022
Modal Electronics COBALT5S vorgestellt 01.03.2022
TONE2 Audio releases Gladiator 3.1.5 15.02.2022
BE SOOPER - electric get to gathering: 12.-14. May at FEZ-Berlin 11.02.2022
BE SOOPER - electric get to gathering: 12.-14. Mai im FEZ-Berlin 11.02.2022
Moog Music's New Documentary Series Details the Early Days of Electronic Music 09.02.2022
Modbap Osiris Eurorack Wavetable-Oszillator 08.02.2022
Tone2 Audiosoftware updates RayBlaster to v2.7.2 04.02.2022
Noise Engineering announces major feature update to Free Plugin Bundle 03.02.2022
1010music nanobox lemondrop und fireball: Kompakte Granular-Synthesizer 28.01.2022
GForce Software Ltd. introduces M-Tron MkII 25.01.2022
Analogue Solutions Fusebox X ANALOGUE 3 VOICE POLYSYNTHESISER 19.01.2022
Tone2 releases Heavenly Flights for Icarus 10.01.2022
TONE2 Audio releases Gladiator 3.1 16.12.2021
Arturia unleashes PolyBrute V2.0 Soundshaper firmware 09.12.2021
Tone2 Warlock 07.12.2021
TONE2 Audio releases Icarus 2.0.6 06.12.2021