Sound Library

Spitfire Audio releases RESONATE in collaboration with Dame Evelyn Glennie 09.06.2022
Sound Particles releases Explorer standalone app 31.05.2022
Orchestral Tools Announces TIME Macro and Micro Bundle on SINE Player 10.05.2022
Vienna Symphonic Library - iLok und Vienna Assistent 22.04.2022
Orchestral Tools releases new creative Soundpack Opaline 07.04.2022
Berlin Orchestra von Orchestral Tools 22.03.2022
Orchestral Tools Miroire Bibliothek und Sine Player 08.03.2022
Waves Now Shipping the Free COSMOS AI-Powered Sample Finder 16.02.2022
Spitfire Audio announces sound artist GAIKA’s WAR ISLAND sample library 11.02.2022
Orchestral Tools announces Andea by Richard Harvey 09.12.2021
Spitfire Audio officially introduces Trinz-curated TRINZ - COLOURS PST sample library 22.10.2021
Spitfire Audio continues creative partnership with Abbey Road Studios 15.10.2021
Updated Orchestral Tools SINEPlayer Continues to Evolve, Now Accessible to Pro Tools Users 13.10.2021
Spitfire Audio announces availability of OLIVER PATRICE WEDER - THE POOL PROJECT 23.08.2021
Orchestral Tools announces Miroire 21.08.2021
Creative Power with Steinberg Absolute 5 19.08.2021
Celestion Introduces the New Bergantino Bass Cabinet Impulse Responses 12.07.2021
Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Brass 07.07.2021
Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON BRASS 07.07.2021
Neu aus Wien: Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir 05.05.2021
New from Vienna: Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir 05.05.2021
Neu aus Wien: Synchron Elite Strings 09.04.2021
New from Vienna: Synchron Elite Strings 09.04.2021
Bösendorfer 280VC 17.02.2021