Title Published Date
Shure präsentiert das SM7dB 27.09.2023
Golden Age Audio announces availability of Pre-73 MKIV 15.08.2023
Asparion stellt neuen DAW-Controller „Asparion D700“ vor 20.07.2023
Miao Wang has joined Powersoft China as Solutions Engineer 19.07.2023
Forward Thinking Designs nutzt Riedels MediorNet IP-Plattform 13.06.2023
Audio-Technica ATND1061DAN nun integrierbar mit AVer PTZ-Kameras 13.06.2023
TASCAM is the Foundation of Annabelle Chairlegs' Recording Efforts 31.05.2023
Mackie stellt neues Digitalmischpult "DLZ Creator" vor 18.05.2023
GC Audio introduces two new signature cartridges for its Inherit system 13.05.2023
Next Generation Monitoring: Neumann Releases the KH 120 II 10.04.2023
TK Audio releases a new preamp, the SP502 21.03.2023
Lawo stärkt Präsenz mit Sam Schauland als Executive Vice President North America 16.03.2023
Roland Announces SP-404MKII Version 3 Update 10.03.2023
Erica Synths presents the SYNTRX II 20.12.2022
Martin Audio's MLA Mini backs Billy Porter’s seasonal window showcase for Bloomingdale’s 07.12.2022
Black Lion Audio announces Auteur mkIII two-channel transformer-coupled mic preamp 16.11.2022
KV2 enhances SL Series with new SL6.10 subwoofer 24.10.2022
Nick Mac takes his studio sound on the road with Focusrite ISA One 20.10.2022
Sennheiser geht zur Einführung des EW-DX auf Europatournee 11.10.2022
Soyuz Launcher Deluxe Delivers More Modes & Compatibility With Condenser Microphones 04.10.2022
AVN | SYS Named North American Distributor for 2ubes 04.10.2022