sonible smart:reverb 23.09.2020
Plugin Alliance announces availability of Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint 22.09.2020
IK Multimedia introduces MixBox virtual channel strip plug-in 17.09.2020
Plugin Alliance welcomes new plugin partner Bettermaker for EQ232D release 16.09.2020
BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor 11.09.2020
Eventide Takes Chaos to the Next Level with Newfangled Audio Generate Polysynth 09.09.2020
United Plugins announces availability of crossfading tool 09.09.2020
Universal Audio Releases Ampex ATR-102 LUNA Extension 09.09.2020
Waves Now Shipping the Kaleidoscopes Plugin 08.09.2020
Kostenloses Major-Update für Waverazor 07.09.2020
iZotope Releases RX 8 and Announces Updates to Flagship Suites 02.09.2020
iZotope veröffentlicht RX 8 und kündigt Updates der großen Softwarepakete an 02.09.2020
Native Instruments präsentiert KOMPLETE 13 mit GUITAR RIG 6 PRO 01.09.2020
Native Instruments reveals KOMPLETE 13 with GUITAR RIG 6 PRO 01.09.2020
Eventide Unleashes Chaos with Free Newfangled Audio Pendulate Monosynth 01.09.2020
Antelope Audio partners up with Inertia Sound Systems for modulation real-time effect 26.08.2020
Reason Studios announces Friktion Modeled Strings 25.08.2020
Harrison Consoles announce AVA Vocal Flow 25.08.2020
Tracktion’s Plug-in Collective jetzt einzeln erhältlich 20.08.2020
Blue Cat Audio Re-Head 18.08.2020
Krotos Audio’s Simple Concept synth now featured in Novation's Sound Collective 14.08.2020
Plugin Alliance warmly welcomes new plugin partner brand NEOLD 12.08.2020
sonible releases source-adaptive reverb plug-in 10.08.2020
United Plugins presents Instant Audio’s Quick AG 06.08.2020
Eventide Releases ShimmerVerb, a “Massively Lustrous” Reverb Plug-In 04.08.2020
Steinberg Releases New VST 3.7 SDK 30.07.2020
Steinberg stellt das neue VST SDK in Version 3.7 vor 30.07.2020
BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor 29.07.2020
Plug-in Collective gifts Sound Collective members Black Rooster Audio Magnetite 16.07.2020
IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Space Delay plug-in 16.07.2020
XILS-lab introduces the XILS 201 vocoder plug-in 10.07.2020
Plugin Alliance announces enhanced emulation of Knifonium tube-driven synth sensation 07.07.2020
W.A. Production Orchid Chorus-Plug-In 04.07.2020
MIA Laboratories Announce "413 Tape Saturator" 30.06.2020
Legendary Auto-Tune comes to the Reason Rack 16.06.2020
Clearmountain's Spaces Reverb Plugin 11.06.2020
Eventide’s Iconic Crystals Effect Now a Plug-In 09.06.2020
Antelope Audio brings two classic EQ emulations to Synergy Core platform 08.06.2020
MAAT Completes Trilogy With New LP EQ 03.06.2020
LiquidSonics Announce Cinematic Rooms 01.06.2020
Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 Plug-In 01.06.2020
Waves Now Shipping new Free StudioRack Plugin Chainer 28.05.2020
Steinberg Backbone Drum Re-synthesizer 27.05.2020
Steinberg stellt Re-Synthesizer Backbone vor 27.05.2020
Celemony presents the new Melodyne 5 26.05.2020
Celemony stellt vor: Das neue Melodyne 5 26.05.2020
Plugin Alliance announces availability of AMEK EQ 200 23.05.2020
Eventide SP2016 Reverb Added to Yamaha RIVAGE PM Series Consoles 20.05.2020
Beta Maxed und Arachnid: neue Sound Packs von Tracktion 20.05.2020
Eventide’s Rotary Mod Plug-in Delivers Swirly Leslie Cab Modulation 20.05.2020