Title Published Date
Sinevibes releases Switch v3 Gate Sequencer Effect Plugin 08.12.2023
Riedel eröffnet neuen Technologie-Hub in Berlin 07.12.2023
Black Lion Audio stellt die Patchbay PBR XLR 32 DSub vor 06.12.2023
Wide Blue Sound updates the AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER to V1.1 01.12.2023
Musik Hack Master Plan Plug-In 28.11.2023
Waves Audio now Shipping the Silk Vocal Plugin 24.11.2023
Solid State Logic launch The 4K E Plug-in 22.11.2023
Celestion presents Interview with Andreas Hecke, Tube Amp Doctor 21.11.2023
Sound Particles Matrix 21.11.2023
Eventide aims High and Low with inaugural Split Essentials Plug-ins 20.11.2023
Rhodes announces the V-RACK Multi-Effects Plug-in 17.11.2023
Erhöhung des Freibetrags für betriebliche Veranstaltungen 17.11.2023
Fuse Audio Labs launches free VPRE-72 Vintage Preamp Plug-in 17.11.2023
Roland introduces GALAXIAS 16.11.2023
Roland präsentiert GALAXIAS 16.11.2023
PMC launches Multichannel Amp for Immersive Audio Applications 16.11.2023
Guns N’ Roses Tour with Austrian Audio Mics 14.11.2023
Analog Cases introduces the resizable Desktop XTS Stands System 13.11.2023
KV2 strengthens APAC Team with the appointment of Leo Tanzil 13.11.2023
BOSS präsentiert den RV-200 Reverb 09.11.2023
Air Music Technology announces Jura Chorus 08.11.2023
VSL veröffentlicht GPU-Erweiterung für Vienna MIR Pro 3D 07.11.2023
Celestion PowerPro X18 Subwoofer Finalist for 2024 NAMM TEC Award 07.11.2023
Universal Audio announces UAD Sound City Studios Plug-In 07.11.2023
Mixed In Key releases Human Plugins 03.11.2023
IK Multimedia celebrates 20,000 Tone Models on ToneNET 02.11.2023
FabFilter releases FabFilter Pro-R 2 Reverb Plug-in 02.11.2023
Akai Pro announces Flex Beat Update 01.11.2023
Instant Audio releases QuickMuse 01.11.2023
Heritage Audio kündigt GRANDCHILD 670 an 01.11.2023
Foleysoft releases Foleysoft Footsteps Sample Library 31.10.2023
sonible releases AI-driven smart:deess 30.10.2023
sonible veröffentlicht KI-gestütztes Plug-in smart:deess 30.10.2023
Wide Blue Sound launches SILENCER Reverb Plug-in 28.10.2023
Waldorf Music releases Largo 2 27.10.2023
Eventide kündigt neue Plug-ins für Immersive Audio an 25.10.2023
Lawo stellt neues crystal Broadcast-Mischpult vor 24.10.2023
Tracktion Love by Dawesome 24.10.2023
Allen & Heath erweitert Mixing-Plattform Avantis durch Solo 23.10.2023
Chandler Limited veröffentlicht TG Microphone Type L 20.10.2023
The Crow Hill Company launches as New Eco-Verse of Solutions 19.10.2023
AES publishes AES75-2023: AES Standard for Acoustics Update 17.10.2023
GForce’s impOSCar2 Synth Now included with Audient Software Bundle 17.10.2023
Audio-Technica BP3600 Mikrofon & Flux::Immersive liefern Lösung für 3D-Audio 17.10.2023
Arturia releases the new "Efx Motions" Plugin 17.10.2023
PSP auralComp 17.10.2023
GForce Software Ltd. introduces Oberheim OB-X 12.10.2023
NUGEN AB Assist 2 Quick Comparison Tool Now Available 10.10.2023
Auburn Sounds announces availability of INNER PITCH 06.10.2023
AES celebrates 75th Anniversary at AES NY 2023 05.10.2023