Plugin Alliance launches Lindell Audio 50 Series 13.01.2021
BABY Audio Spaced Out 12.01.2021
STL Tones ToneHub und AmpHub 08.01.2021
Vital - A spectral warping wavetable synthesizer Plug-In 07.01.2021
United Plugins and SounDevice Digital announce availability of Voxessor 06.01.2021
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 Pro 05.01.2021
Plugin Alliance warmly welcomes Looptrotter Audio Engineering 21.12.2020
Plugin Alliance announces partnership to create plugin version of THE OVEN 21.12.2020
zplane releases PEEL spectral isolator EQ plugin 18.12.2020
Baby Audio release Spaced Out Plug-In 17.12.2020
Fuse Audio Labs launches emulation of vintage Germanium preamp 16.12.2020
New Additions to PreSonus Ampire High Density Pack 16.12.2020
Audified announces taking Linda Audio under its wing 11.12.2020
FabFilter updates its plugin line-up with native Apple Silicon support 10.12.2020
SounDevice Digital releases DIFIX Plug-In 09.12.2020
MeldaProduction announces MDrumReplacer 08.12.2020
Waves Now Shipping the Abbey Road RS124 Compressor Plugin 08.12.2020
IK Multimedia releases MixBox CS virtual channel strip plug-in for iPad 03.12.2020
Waves Now Shipping the CLA Epic Plugin 01.12.2020
MIA Laboratories announce 409 Opto Compressor 24.11.2020
Celestion Introduces The SpeakerMix Pro Plug-in 24.11.2020
Townsend Labs veröffentlicht Sphere 1.5 Software-Update 18.11.2020
Melodyne jetzt im Bundle mit Pro Tools 17.11.2020
Melodyne now bundled with Pro Tools 17.11.2020
Applied Acoustics Systems Chromaphone 3 acoustic object synthesizer plug-in 03.11.2020
Spitfire Audio announces partnership with Abbey Road Studios 23.10.2020
Remote Recording Plug-in VST Connect Pro with New Update 22.10.2020
Update des Remote-Recording-Plug-ins VST Connect Pro 22.10.2020
Empirical Labs announces availability of its BIG FrEQTM plug-in 22.10.2020
Nugen Audio releases Paragon Algorithmic Reverb 21.10.2020
Fuse Audio Labs rolls out FLYWHEEL tape emulation plugin 21.10.2020
MAAT Contributes Trad Audio Visualization Tool 20.10.2020
Plugin Alliance announces ADPTR AUDIO Streamliner 07.10.2020
Eventide Releases TriceraChorus Classic-Inspired Chorus Effect 06.10.2020
sonible smart:reverb 23.09.2020
Plugin Alliance announces availability of Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint 22.09.2020
IK Multimedia introduces MixBox virtual channel strip plug-in 17.09.2020
Plugin Alliance welcomes new plugin partner Bettermaker for EQ232D release 16.09.2020
BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor 11.09.2020
Eventide Takes Chaos to the Next Level with Newfangled Audio Generate Polysynth 09.09.2020
United Plugins announces availability of crossfading tool 09.09.2020
Universal Audio Releases Ampex ATR-102 LUNA Extension 09.09.2020
Waves Now Shipping the Kaleidoscopes Plugin 08.09.2020
Kostenloses Major-Update für Waverazor 07.09.2020
iZotope Releases RX 8 and Announces Updates to Flagship Suites 02.09.2020
iZotope veröffentlicht RX 8 und kündigt Updates der großen Softwarepakete an 02.09.2020
Native Instruments präsentiert KOMPLETE 13 mit GUITAR RIG 6 PRO 01.09.2020
Native Instruments reveals KOMPLETE 13 with GUITAR RIG 6 PRO 01.09.2020
Eventide Unleashes Chaos with Free Newfangled Audio Pendulate Monosynth 01.09.2020
Antelope Audio partners up with Inertia Sound Systems for modulation real-time effect 26.08.2020