TONE2 Audio releases the 'Higher Realms' soundset for Saurus 13.05.2022
Voxengo TEOTE 1.10 automatic spectral balancer plugin released 12.05.2022
Tracktion stellt das neue Kickdrum PlugIn Chop Suey vor 12.05.2022
AmpKnob RevC by Bogren Digital - a One-Knob Revolution For Album-Ready Guitars 06.05.2022
Tone2 Updates the Digital Synthesizer Nemesis 05.05.2022
Solid State Logic Launches DeEss 04.05.2022
Rob Papen releases RP-Distort 2 28.04.2022
Voxengo Elephant 5.0 mastering limiter plugin released 28.04.2022
Sinevibes releases Corrosion v2 for KORG synthesizers 27.04.2022
Voxengo Spatifier 1.8 spatial enhancer plugin released 20.04.2022
LiquidSonics Celebrate Seventh Heaven 5th Anniversary With 1.4 Release 20.04.2022
NUGEN Audio Unveils New Audio Analysis Suite at NAB 2022 19.04.2022
Reverb Foundry Tai Chi 19.04.2022
Voxengo Shumovick 2.0 creative noise-padding plugin released 16.04.2022
Soundwide newly named parent company of Native Instruments and iZotope 12.04.2022
Voyage Audio Updates Spatial Mic Converter Plugin 08.04.2022
Voxengo Sobor reverberation plugin released 08.04.2022
Waves and Germano Studios New York Collaborate on Nx Germano Plugin 06.04.2022
AIR Music Launches 7 New Virtual Instruments 06.04.2022
United Plugins announces Muramasa Audio Bassment as all-in-one single-screen bass guitar solution 05.04.2022
Baby Audio releases Crystalline - Next-Generation Algorithmic Reverb 05.04.2022
Voxengo OVC-128 1.10 massively-oversampled clipper plugin released 04.04.2022
Fuse Audio Labs launches VREV-140 29.03.2022
Dear Reality launches Stereo Production Bundle 22.03.2022
Voxengo Peakbuster 1.4 attack-phase boosting plugin released 21.03.2022
Roland Announces JUNO-60 Chorus Software Effect 18.03.2022
Roland präsentiert den JUNO-60 Chorus Software-Effekt 18.03.2022
Eventide updates SplitEQ 16.03.2022
Black Rooster Audio VLA-2A Mark II Vintage Leveling Amplifier 15.03.2022
Nembrini Audio Launches The Faceman 2-Channel Head Guitar Amp Plugin 14.03.2022
Waves Now Shipping Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro Plugins 08.03.2022
Austrian Audio OC818 Starts Shipping in Black 03.03.2022
Arturia releases Efx FRAGMENTS granular plugin 01.03.2022
Sinevibes releases Skew 01.03.2022
Baby Audio releases free iOS / iPadOS plugins 01.03.2022
Jesse Ray Ernster announces MIXLAND’s free new tube EQ/saturation plugin freeTILT 25.02.2022
Blue Cat Audio Re-Guitar 22.02.2022
Solid State Logic Announces New X-Delay Plug-In 21.02.2022
Audified Updates MixChecker and MixChecker Pro plug-ins to Version 1.2 17.02.2022
TONE2 Audio releases Gladiator 3.1.5 15.02.2022
Fourier Audio Joins Plugivery with "Rewind" for Live Sound Engineers 15.02.2022
Nembrini Audio Introduces Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier Plugin 14.02.2022
Voxengo OVC-128 1.9 massively-oversampled clipper plugin released 10.02.2022
Tone2 Audiosoftware updates RayBlaster to v2.7.2 04.02.2022
United Plugins announces JMG Sound Mirror, a reverse negative delay plug-in 01.02.2022
LiquidSonics Lustrous Plates Surround 01.02.2022
Hollow: A vast space reverb from Sinevibes 31.01.2022
MIXLAND releases TILT, a passive equalizer plugin 28.01.2022
Voxengo CurveEQ 3.12 spline equalizer plugin released 27.01.2022
Genelec Aural ID plug-in for personalised headphone monitoring 25.01.2022