MAAT Opens Precision Dithering To All With LINone 16.10.2021
Black Rooster Audio releases RO-SPR as an authentically modelled spring reverb plug-in 12.10.2021
Nembrini Audio BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier 12.10.2021
Großes Update für Tracktions Synthesizer Abyss 11.10.2021
NUGEN Audio Releases Paragon ST 07.10.2021
IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube X-GEAR digital effects pedals 07.10.2021
XILS-lab unleashes 2.0 update for Chor’X chorus plug-in 06.10.2021
Free From Nembrini – The Black Distortion Plugin 01.10.2021
Wide Blue Sound annoucnes all-new expansions for ELYSIUM organic motion synthesizer 28.09.2021
Tone2 Audio releases the 'Banser' soundset for Electra 28.09.2021
TAIP - New Tape Saturation Plugin from BABY Audio 28.09.2021
zplane releases FENNEK: Next-generation peak and loudness metering software 22.09.2021
ChopTones announces availability of IR Loader 21.09.2021
Softube Weiss Collection (2) | Comp./Limiter, MM1, Deess u. EQ MP 21.09.2021
Wavesfactory Announce Quantum 20.09.2021
Klevgrand releases Rum – Room Simulator 15.09.2021
IK Multimedia releases the UNO Synth Pro Editor for Mac/PC 14.09.2021
Softube Weiss Collection (1) | DS1-MK3 und EQ1 14.09.2021
Black Rooster Audio releases OmniTec-67A plugin 10.09.2021
Interview mit Audio-Legende Daniel Weiss 10.09.2021
Virtual versions of X-GEAR guitar pedals available in IK Multimedia's AmpliTube 5 09.09.2021
Tone2 Audio releases Saurus v3.0 03.09.2021
Nembrini Audio Launches BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier Plugin 01.09.2021
United Plugins provides SounDevice Digital-developed Urban Puncher 24.08.2021
Voxengo SPAN Plus 1.15 spectrum analyzer plugin released 21.08.2021
Harrison Consoles 32C Channel Now Available as Plug-In 17.08.2021
IrcamLAB Announce The Snail version 1.3 10.08.2021
Voxengo Soniformer 3.13 spectral mastering processor plugin released 30.07.2021
Waves and Chris Lord-Alge Collaborate on the New Waves CLA Nx Plugin 29.07.2021
Soundtheory introduces Gullfoss Master 15.07.2021
United Plugins presents Muramasa Audio Electrum 28.06.2021
Plugivery Now Distribute Anarchy Audioworx Plug-ins 22.06.2021
STL Tones presents STL Lasse Lammert Tonality Suite 18.06.2021
MAAT Redefines Dithering for Digital Audio 18.06.2021
iZotope Upgrades AI-Powered Audio Assistants in Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro 15.06.2021
Nembrini Audio announces availability of MRH-159 Brown Sound 14.06.2021
Voxengo Peakbuster attack-phase boosting and harmonic enhancement plugin released 14.06.2021
Fuse Audio Labs presents VREV-666 as plugin freebie 11.06.2021
New, Free StereoCreator Plugin by Austrian Audio 09.06.2021
Voxengo releases Voxformer version 2.19 07.06.2021
Neu aus Wien: Great Rieger Organ 02.06.2021
New from Vienna: Great Rieger Organ 01.06.2021
Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital 01.06.2021
Nur für die Minderheit: aber endlich wirtschaftliche Absicherung von Veranstaltungen 26.05.2021
Pulsar Audio Announce Version Updates to Their Entire Product Line 25.05.2021
AES Show Spring 2021 Convention Celebrates “Global Resonance” May 25 – 28 21.05.2021
MIA Laboratories Announce "The Musiqual Series MKII Plug-Ins" 18.05.2021
EVE Audio feiert 10-jähriges Firmenjubiläum 16.05.2021
iLok USB-C Announced 12.05.2021
Violectric introduces the HPA V340 11.05.2021