Modular Synthesizer

Eventide announces Misha at Superbooth 2022 17.05.2022
Eventide stellt Misha auf der Superbooth vor 17.05.2022
Qu-Bit Electronix announces Aurora, a spectral reverb for Eurorack synthesizers 10.05.2022
Modbap Modular announces Transit, a 6HP full-featured two-channel stereo mixer 10.05.2022
Erica Synths presents SYNTRX II and LXR Eurorack Module 10.05.2022
SUPERBOOTH 2022: Knobula to Debut its Kickain Eurorack Module 06.05.2022
Erica Synths introduces the Black 3109 VCF/VCA 29.04.2022
Analogue Solutions introduces Colossus AS200 Slim ‘space-saving’ version 26.04.2022
Erica Synths presents the mki x es .EDU DIY Sequencer 25.04.2022
Update: beSOOPER at the Badesee 08.04.2022
Update: beSOOPER am Badesee 08.04.2022
Erica Synths Introduces mki x es. edu line series EDU DIY EG 15.03.2022
BeSOOPER – The SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail Program 11.03.2022
BeSOOPER - Das SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail Programm 11.03.2022
Moog Music Releases Subharmonicon Firmware Update 09.03.2022
Erica Synths mki x es .EDU DIY enclosure & PSU 17.02.2022
BE SOOPER - electric get to gathering: 12.-14. May at FEZ-Berlin 11.02.2022
BE SOOPER - electric get to gathering: 12.-14. Mai im FEZ-Berlin 11.02.2022
Moog Music's New Documentary Series Details the Early Days of Electronic Music 09.02.2022
Modbap Osiris Eurorack Wavetable-Oszillator 08.02.2022
Erica Synths mki x es.EDU DIY VCA 07.02.2022
Erica Synths Black K-Phaser Eurorack-Modul 21.01.2022
Erica Synths presents the Black K-Phaser 21.12.2021
20 Jahre Superbooth - Zeit für Neues 12.11.2021
20 Years of SUPERbooth - Time for something new 12.11.2021
New Modules & Updates from Noise Engineering 11.10.2021
News on AES Fall Online 2021 Convention Sessions 08.10.2021
Rückblick auf die SUPERBOOTH21 05.10.2021
Looking Back at SUPERBOOTH21 05.10.2021
Moog Music Adds a New Chapter to the Moog Sound Studio Experience 14.09.2021
BJOOKS Releases The Book ‘SYNTH GEMS 1’ 13.09.2021
Modbap Modular introduces the wavetable oscillator Osiris 11.09.2021
Noise Engineering releases versatile quad VCA Quantus Ampla 12.08.2021
Erica Synths Bass Drum2 09.08.2021
SUPERBOOTH21 in 6 Weeks - The Program and The Special Event Tickets 05.08.2021
Erica Synths Introduces The Matrix Mixer 22.07.2021
E-RM Multiclock 06.07.2021
Superbooth 2021: Ticket Sales begin on Monday 11.06.2021
Superbooth 2021: Der Ticketverkauf startet 11.06.2021
Erica Synth Black Ring-Xfade 14.05.2021
Erica Synth Dual ASR EG 05.05.2021
Erica Synths presents three new filter modules 16.04.2021
Erica Synths introduces the Black System III 30.03.2021
Erica Synths Black Sequencer 20.11.2020
XOR Electronics NerdSEQ Eurorack-Sequenzer 17.07.2020
Radikal Technologies RT 311 Swarm Oscillator Eurorack-Modul 26.06.2020
Supercritical Demon Core Oscillator mit Expander 05.02.2020
Xaoc Devices Kamieniec Phaser-Eurorack-Modul 21.12.2019
Xaoc Zadar - digitaler Vierfach-Hüllkurvengenerator im Eurorack-Format 02.10.2019
Erica Synths Fusion VCO2 11.07.2019