Martin Audio

Title Published Date
Martin Audio US announces Two-Day Training Programme 21.02.2024
Martin Audio and Pro Audio Sister Brands Unite for UK Open Days 19.02.2024
Martin Audio ADORN pendants perfect for Museum of Art 12.02.2024
Marquee AV select Martin Audio CDD for New Restaurant 05.02.2024
LEWITT stellt Update für CONNECT 6 vor 31.01.2024
Riyadh Zoo upgrades with Martin Audio Wavefront Precision 29.01.2024
Sound Devices announces Astral Wireless Guitar System 25.01.2024
Shure präsentiert den Axient Digital ADX3 Aufstecksender 24.01.2024
IsoAcoustics and HEDD announce specially designed Isolation Brackets 23.01.2024
Arturia introduces Pigments 5 23.01.2024
Best Service announces Horizon Leads by Sonuscore 23.01.2024
Hohe Zufriedenheit bei der Hamburg Open 2024 22.01.2024
Martin Audio for Japan’s first Immersive Outdoor Music Festival 22.01.2024
Nord Keyboards stellt auf der NAMM 2024 das Nord Grand 2 vor 19.01.2024
Accentize announces AI Ethical Use Statement 15.01.2024
Martin Audio and TiMax team up for Total Immersion at ISE 2024 15.01.2024
Martin Audio Wavefront Precision auf der Festung Ehrenbreitstein 11.01.2024
Lumens selects Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Medium 10.01.2024
Martin Audio TORUS Solution for Dominion Church in Iowa 10.01.2024
Noise Makers announce New Binauralizer Plugins 08.01.2024
Martin Audio Blackline X and ADORN Combo at Popworlds 08.01.2024
Audio-Technica U.S. announces new System Solutions Test Lab 03.01.2024
35 Years of Eddie Izzard with Martin Audio Wavefront Precision 03.01.2024
Steinberg präsentiert kostenfreie Taped Vibes für HALion 14.12.2023
Eden Project's Martin Audio CDD6-WR specified for Immersive Christmas Trail 11.12.2023
Martin Audio MLA Mini used for Shishi Zen Temple 04.12.2023
Audio Inc gains multi-project value from Martin Audio WPS/WPM combo 29.11.2023
Martin Audio's TORUS 8 Hybrid for Turner Prize Launch 27.11.2023
Revamping the Soundscape at Banana Block with Martin Audio 22.11.2023
CHRIST Juweliere setzt auf Trainings am SAE Institute 21.11.2023
Martin Audio CDD arrives at Sesame Place 20.11.2023
Martin Audio CDD brings the Manzi’s Spirit to Soho 13.11.2023
Famous Tokyo Sumo Hall upgrades with scalable Martin Audio WPS PA 06.11.2023
RØDE appoints Dr Sam Bucolo as Chief of Design 02.11.2023
Gamechanger Audio releases the PLASMA Voice Synthesizer Module 02.11.2023
VME become Martin Audio’s largest Rental Partner of MLA 01.11.2023
SWG’s Martin Audio WPL PA serves up a Treat at Big Feastival 30.10.2023
Martin Audio used for the recreation of Dark Side Of The Moon 25.10.2023
Millikin University upgrades with Martin Audio TORUS 23.10.2023
Roland announces SP-404MKII Stones Throw Limited Edition 19.10.2023
SWG Events move into Cardiff Castle with Martin Audio's Wavefront Precision 16.10.2023
Zoom stellt den R4 MultiTrak vor 11.10.2023
Suraj Vadher promoted to EMEA sales team at Martin Audio 11.10.2023
Soundworks and Martin Audio WP combine for Iron Blossom Festival 09.10.2023
Robbie Williams performs through Martin Audio's MLA 04.10.2023
Martin Audio brings INOTA Power Plant Back to Life for Four-Day Arts Festival 02.10.2023
Kii Audio presents the Kii SEVEN Wireless Music System 29.09.2023
Martin Audio moves to Dallas for next US Open Day 27.09.2023
Martin Audio WPL used for José María Napoleón at GNP Acapulco Arena 25.09.2023
Rhodes MK8 Piano boasts a uniquely powerful Stereo Analogue Effects Section 21.09.2023