Martin Audio

Martin Audio Announces Special ‘Virtual’ Launch Event 18.01.2021
Martin Audio ADORNS Heimathafen Events Space at Goldbäckerei Grote 13.01.2021
Martin Audio CDD for Italy’s North-East Covo Nightclub 13.01.2021
Martin Audio Set to Celebrate Half a Century as Sound Pioneers 06.01.2021
Washington Mall Comes Alive with MLA Compact for ‘Return’ Convention 14.12.2020
Martin Audio Announces Additions and Upgraded Voicing to CDD Installation Series 08.12.2020
Martin Audio CDD for Highways England’s New VR Theatre 02.12.2020
Martin Audio CDD blend in at Kentucky Church 30.11.2020
Brisbane’s Luxurious Le Bain Equipped with Martin Audio CDD 23.11.2020
MLA Compact Delivers Classical Perfection at Schlosshofkonzert 2020 18.11.2020
Martin Audio WPM for Falls Area Performing Arts Center 16.11.2020
Soundworks feel full force of diminutive WPS with Richmond Symphony Orchestra 11.11.2020
LVT Audio depolys MLA Compact for eight-day festival in Gaia 10.11.2020
New Multi-Zone Lytham House Equips with Martin Audio CDD and Adorn 04.11.2020
Martin Audio Adorn Series and Pendant Speakers Now Shipping 02.11.2020
Martin Audio Collaborates with Nobu Hotel Chicago 29.10.2020
Martin Audio Combines the Essence of the Windy City with the Spirit of Nobu 26.10.2020
Kaho Theatre Calls in Martin Audio WPC for Livestream Events 07.10.2020
Southard Audio Deploys Flagship Martin Audio Rigs for College Events 05.10.2020
XD15s Boost Olivia Dean's Unique Truck Tour 28.09.2020
OBA give CCD Speakers a Thorough Workout at new Natural Fit Gym 23.09.2020
Pytch Perfect: Martin Audio Helps Rebrand Cope with COVID-19 Impact 21.09.2020
Arco's Centrale Caffe Brought to Life with Martin Audio's Adorn and Blackline 16.09.2020
Martin Audio announces first iOS App - for BlacklineX Powered 09.09.2020
MLA’s ‘Hard Avoid’ helps Seol’s Arts Centre Achieve its Objectives 07.09.2020
Martin Audio Adorns Expirat's Outdoor Terraces in Bucharest 01.09.2020
First Bangor Presbyterian AV Upgrades With Martin Audio CDD 24.08.2020
BlacklineX solution for Albania’s Posh Lounge party venue 17.08.2020
Martin Audio lends support to #WeMakeEvents Campaign 12.08.2020
Bespoke Martin Audio upgrade for Armagh Planetarium 10.08.2020
Agstafa Agro Benefits From Martin Audio WPM 05.08.2020
Southard Audio Brings Harrisonburg’s Divine Unity Church outdoors with Martin Audio WPS 03.08.2020
Grade A-listed St. Mark’s Belfast installs Martin Audio O-Line 27.07.2020
Local Heroes Kid Kapichi Excel Through Printworks’ Blackline XP12 22.07.2020
Martin Audio WPC Deployed at Bendorf’s Summer Long Festival 20.07.2020
MARC Theatre installs Martin Audio WPC for Sundance Film Festival 13.07.2020
Virginia’s Soundworks Converts Entire Inventory to Wavefront Precision 06.07.2020
Iconic Aqua Site Given a Fresh System for Aqua Kyoto at Oxford Circus 29.06.2020
Hatsune Miku holographic icon performs through MLA 22.06.2020
Martin Audio’s first ever virtual trade show exceeds expectations 15.06.2020
MLA Gives Megastar Magdi Optimum Performance at Papp László Budapest 10.06.2020
Martin Audio expands presence in Asia 02.06.2020
Martin Audio signs up for InfoComm Virtual Show 27.05.2020
Martin Audio WPM Deployed at Minnesota’s Celebration Church 25.05.2020
PAUL Restaurants in Baku has Second Helping of Martin Audio CDD 18.05.2020
Shibuya’s landmark CÉ LA VI TOKYO opens with Martin Audio 11.05.2020
MLA Provides The Thrust For Stereophonics 04.05.2020
Sight and Sound Technologies Upgrades The Springs Church with Martin Audio WPS 27.04.2020
Audiotek delivers clarity at Grade II listed Monmouth church 23.04.2020
Martin Audio announces virtual tradeshow 20.04.2020