Title Published Date
InMusic announce AIR Jura 30.05.2023
InfoComm 2023: Solid State Logic to Showcase New SSL Live V5.2 Software 25.05.2023
Kreiere bewegende Musik – mit Steinberg Dorico 5 24.05.2023
Fulcrum Acoustic Announces the Debut of Fulcrum Immersive 17.05.2023
Voxengo Water Chorus plugin released 11.05.2023
AIR Music Technology releases Delay Pro 09.05.2023
Rob Papen takes trip back in time with BIT-2 27.04.2023
United Plugins releases Pluralis from founding partner SounDevice Digital 27.04.2023
Baby Audio releases BA-1, their first ever synth plugin 25.04.2023
Waves Audio Now Shipping the SoundGrid Stagebox IONIC 16 24.04.2023
Al Mashhad performt mit Lawo IP-Infrastrukturlösungen 24.04.2023
Sonnet bringt 25 Gigabit Ethernet-Netzwerk-Anbindung an den Mac 20.04.2023
Sennheiser stellt Wireless Systems Manager Version 4.6.0 vor 18.04.2023
Wharfedale Pro launches ISOLINE-AX Series, a new live sound solution 18.04.2023
Sonnet Announces Twin25G Thunderbolt Adapter and Twin25G PCIe Card 17.04.2023
Voxengo Elephant 5.3 mastering limiter plugin released 17.04.2023
Audiomovers OMNIBUS 2.0 virtual patchbay expands with hardware I/O 14.04.2023
Audiomovers OMNIBUS 2.0 virtual patchbay expands with hardware I/O 14.04.2023
Sound Radix Auto-Align 2 released 13.04.2023
Applied Acoustics Systems releases Multiphonics CV-2 modular synth & fx plug-in 05.04.2023
Vienna Symphonic Library releases SYNCHRON-ized Saxophones 04.04.2023
Audio-Technica ATND1061DAN combined with Q-SYS System earns Zoom Rooms Certification 04.04.2023
Lynx veröffentlicht neue macOS V2 Treiber für Aurora(n) und Hilo 04.04.2023
Aus SPL Crescendo wird SPL Crescendo 8 03.04.2023
Die Sennheiser-Gruppe auf der NAB 2023 28.03.2023
Klevgrand Releases Speldosa, Wintergatan Music Box 23.03.2023
Historic Stifel Theatre adds d&b KSL loudspeaker system 23.03.2023
Universal Audio Releases Immersive Audio Support for Apollo x16 Interfaces 21.03.2023
Sennheiser Profile USB-Mikrofon: Anschließen und sofort loslegen 14.03.2023
Sennheiser Profile USB: Plug in and you’re ready to stream 14.03.2023
Roland Announces SP-404MKII Version 3 Update 10.03.2023
Roland veröffentlicht Update auf Version 3 für den SP-404MKII 10.03.2023
Recording Academy P&E Wing posts "Inside the Mix" sessions co-presented with Dolby 09.03.2023
Nembrini’s New EN Hardball Metal Head Guitar Amplifier Plugin 06.03.2023
Voyage Audio's Spatial Mic Converter Comes to Logic Pro 01.03.2023
Ambient stellt die QuickPole-Halterung QAPL-TX vor 28.02.2023
GForce Software Ltd. releases Oberheim OB-E v2.5 / SEM v1.5 free update with new Preset Browser 21.02.2023
United Plugins puts past into present with JMG Sound Retronaut 15.02.2023
Studio Technologies Announces Enhanced Model 545DC & Model 545DR Intercom Interfaces 13.02.2023
FabFilter releases FabFilter Twin 3 07.02.2023
LEA Professional Announces New Partnerships at ISE 2023 01.02.2023
Dynacord presents the new go-to multi-channel power amplifier V600:4 31.01.2023
Sound Radix Auto Align Post 2.1 Compatibility for Adobe Premiere Pro released 24.01.2023
Move Your Audience With The Compact Yamaha STAGEPAS 200 19.01.2023
Yamaha STAGEPAS 200: Klang-Faszination im Kompaktformat 18.01.2023
Arturia’s MiniFreak V softsynth now available for all users 17.01.2023
United Plugins releases the loudness maximizer FireMaximizer 16.01.2023
Get Involved with the ISE Open Innovation Challenge 13.01.2023
CupOJoy selects Martin Audio WPS for permanent sound installation 11.01.2023
Tascam Announces Sonicview 11.01.2023