Applied Acoustics Systems Chromaphone 3 acoustic object synthesizer plug-in 03.11.2020
MAAT Contributes Trad Audio Visualization Tool 20.10.2020
Plugin Alliance announces ADPTR AUDIO Streamliner 07.10.2020
Universal Audio Releases LUNA Recording System v1.1 06.10.2020
Eventide Releases TriceraChorus Classic-Inspired Chorus Effect 06.10.2020
Plugin Alliance announces availability of Unfiltered Audio Bass-Mint 22.09.2020
Spitfire Audio announces availability of INTIMATE STRINGS 17.09.2020
IK Multimedia introduces MixBox virtual channel strip plug-in 17.09.2020
Plugin Alliance welcomes new plugin partner Bettermaker for EQ232D release 16.09.2020
DSpatial dials up Reality to 2.0 for Pro Tools 14.09.2020
AudioControl Introduces the Director 2.0 Firmware for Network-Connected Amplifiers 09.09.2020
United Plugins announces availability of crossfading tool 09.09.2020
Universal Audio Releases Ampex ATR-102 LUNA Extension 09.09.2020
Eventide Unleashes Chaos with Free Newfangled Audio Pendulate Monosynth 01.09.2020
Dialog Audio announces live streaming service specifically targeting audio content producers 24.08.2020
Plugin Alliance warmly welcomes new plugin partner brand NEOLD 12.08.2020
United Plugins presents Instant Audio’s Quick AG 06.08.2020
EVO Adds Software Control App & Audio Loop-back Mixer 08.07.2020
TC Electronic Announce MASTER X HD and BRICKWALL HD plug-ins 17.06.2020
Clearmountain's Spaces Reverb Plugin 11.06.2020
MAAT Completes Trilogy With New LP EQ 03.06.2020
Rob Papen Vecto - Virtuelles Instrument 07.05.2020
MIA Laboratories Announce 980 Spark Plug-In 05.05.2020
Audified introduces one-knob VocalMint Saturator 24.04.2020
Universal Audio Releases LUNA Recording System 09.04.2020
HIT'n'MIX Infinity Now Distributed by Plugivery 04.04.2020
BABY Audio Release Comeback Kid 18.03.2020
Radial SW8-USB - Auto-Switcher und USB-Playback Interface für macOS 24.02.2020
NControl - eine Software speziell für den Lynx Aurora(n) 11.02.2020
Apple stellt 16" MacBook Pro vor 14.11.2019
Apogee Announces Clearmountain’s Domain PlugIn 28.10.2019
Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Generation 22.08.2019