Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin 19.07.2021
Soundtheory introduces Gullfoss Master 15.07.2021
Neutrik issues NA2-IO-DPRO Controller V2.0 30.06.2021
Spitfire Audio releases ALBION SOLSTICE 29.06.2021
STL Tones presents STL Lasse Lammert Tonality Suite 18.06.2021
MAAT Redefines Dithering for Digital Audio 18.06.2021
Sonnet stellt modulare Thunderbolt Erweiterungssysteme für Desktop und Rack-Einbau vor 16.06.2021
Apogee Announces Duet 3 and Duet Dock 15.06.2021
Apogee kündigt Duet 3 und Duet Dock an 15.06.2021
Nembrini Audio announces availability of MRH-159 Brown Sound 14.06.2021
Voxengo Peakbuster attack-phase boosting and harmonic enhancement plugin released 14.06.2021
Kemper PROFILER has a new FUZZ Drive System in OS 8.2 08.06.2021
Kemper PROFILER hat ein neues FUZZ Drive System in PROFILER OS 8.2 08.06.2021
TONE2 Audio releases Nemesis2 01.06.2021
Apogee Announces ClipMic digital 2 25.05.2021
Apogee kündigt ClipMic digital 2 an 25.05.2021
FabFilter releases FabFilter Timeless 3 10.05.2021
Nembrini Audio releases Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive plug-in 04.05.2021
Rob Papen puts out DelSane virtual stereo delay effect plug-in 29.04.2021
Applied Acoustics Systems releases Multiphonics CV-1 modular synthesizer plug-in 27.04.2021
Nembrini Audio announces Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine plug-in 19.04.2021
Major Update for Soundtheory Gullfoss 16.04.2021
Flux Immersive and Plugivery Distribution Announce SPAT Revolution Essential 16.04.2021
XILS-lab creates KaoX as virtual instrument 12.04.2021
USB-Kondensatormikrofon mit Kopfhörerausgang von Tascam 07.04.2021
USB Condenser Microphone With Headphones Output From Tascam 07.04.2021
TONE2 Audio releases Warlock Synthesizer Plug-In 02.04.2021
Empirical Labs releases Rev 3 of AROUSOR 30.03.2021
New PreSonus Universal Control Update Directly Supports M1 Macs and More 26.03.2021
Steinberg Nuendo 11 02.02.2021
Rob Papen Vecto - Virtuelles Instrument 07.05.2020
Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Generation 22.08.2019