IK Multimedia releases Sunset Sound Reverb Collection for MixBox 01.07.2022
Steinberg Launches VST Live: A Software Solution to Create Live Performances 15.06.2022
Steinberg startet VST Live: Eine Softwarelösung zur Umsetzung von Live-Performances 15.06.2022
Tone2 Audio releases RayBlaster 2.8 02.06.2022
EPOS EXPAND Vision 5 – eine optimierte Lösung für hybride Arbeitsplätze 16.05.2022
Spitfire Audio adds INTIMATE GRAND PIANO to ORIGINALS 13.05.2022
JBL stellt die aktive, netzwerkfähige Line-Array-Serie SRX900 vor 13.05.2022
Orchestral Tools Announces TIME Macro and Micro Bundle on SINE Player 10.05.2022
Tone2 Updates the Digital Synthesizer Nemesis 05.05.2022
Amadeus Offers HOLOPHONIX as a Native macOS App 04.05.2022
Celemony Melodyne 5.2 now native on Apple M1 03.05.2022
Celemony Melodyne 5.2 jetzt nativ auf Apple M1 03.05.2022
Lynx veröffentlicht Aurora(n) Firmware 1.25 und NControl 1.0.6 03.05.2022
Voxengo Elephant 5.0 mastering limiter plugin released 28.04.2022
Digital Audio Denmark to Launch Core 256 and AX64 with New Thunder | Core Technology at NAB 2022 25.04.2022
Fiedler Audio releases Spacelab 20.04.2022
Fiedler Audio veröffentlicht Spacelab 20.04.2022
LiquidSonics Celebrate Seventh Heaven 5th Anniversary With 1.4 Release 20.04.2022
Sonnet stellt 10Gbps USB-C PCIe 3.0 Adapterkarte mit acht USB-Ports vor 08.04.2022
Voxengo Sobor reverberation plugin released 08.04.2022
Voxengo OVC-128 1.10 massively-oversampled clipper plugin released 04.04.2022
Sonnet stellt 40Gbps Thunderbolt Dock für NVMe SSDs vor 10.03.2022
Sinevibes releases Skew 01.03.2022
Sonnet präsentiert Avid-qualifizierten AVB-Adapter für Macs mit Thunderbolt 21.02.2022
Fourier Audio Joins Plugivery with "Rewind" for Live Sound Engineers 15.02.2022
Voxengo OVC-128 1.9 massively-oversampled clipper plugin released 10.02.2022
United Plugins announces JMG Sound Mirror, a reverse negative delay plug-in 01.02.2022
Hollow: A vast space reverb from Sinevibes 31.01.2022
Klevgränd releases Pana - Natural Panner for desktop and iPad 14.12.2021
Voxengo SPAN 3.12 FFT 06.12.2021
United Plugins presents Muramasa Audio Electrum 01.12.2021
Neue Version von Lectrosonics Wireless-Designer-Software 30.11.2021
FabFilter releases FabFilter Volcano 3 18.11.2021
Jesse Ray Ernster Launches Debut Mixland Plugin, Rubber Band Compressor 01.11.2021
PSP Audioware Announce PSP Saturator 01.11.2021
Sound Radix Announce Auto-Align Post 2 28.10.2021
Rob Papen lets loose with enhanced eXplorer-7 bundle 25.10.2021
Voxengo Elephant 4.16 mastering limiter plugin released 24.10.2021
Black Rooster Audio releases RO-SPR as an authentically modelled spring reverb plug-in 12.10.2021
MeldaProduction announces V15 ultimate update 30.09.2021
Amate Audio introduces the TPD3K 2.1 processing amplifier 21.09.2021
ChopTones announces availability of IR Loader 21.09.2021
PreSonus Announces Full Native Support for Apple Silicon-based Macs 16.09.2021
PreSonus Studio One 5.4 Update 15.09.2021
IK Multimedia releases the UNO Synth Pro Editor for Mac/PC 14.09.2021
TASCAM Introduces the Podcast Editor Software 02.09.2021
Voxengo SPAN Plus 1.15 spectrum analyzer plugin released 21.08.2021
Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin 19.07.2021
Soundtheory introduces Gullfoss Master 15.07.2021
Neutrik issues NA2-IO-DPRO Controller V2.0 30.06.2021