Live Sound

Title Published Date
Peter Fox on Tour with Sennheiser 05.12.2023
Sound Particles Matrix 21.11.2023
Guns N’ Roses Tour with Austrian Audio Mics 14.11.2023
Shure MXA920 & MXA920 für Google Meet zertifiziert 07.11.2023
Famous Tokyo Sumo Hall upgrades with scalable Martin Audio WPS PA 06.11.2023
The Grand Jam mit Sennheiser in Frankfurt 02.11.2023
VME become Martin Audio’s largest Rental Partner of MLA 01.11.2023
SWG’s Martin Audio WPL PA serves up a Treat at Big Feastival 30.10.2023
Sennheiser Microphones used for The Grand Jam in Frankfurt 26.10.2023
Martin Audio used for the recreation of Dark Side Of The Moon 25.10.2023
Großer australischer Broadcaster integriert Ferncasts aixtream Software 24.10.2023
Tracktion Love by Dawesome 24.10.2023
Roland announces SP-404MKII Stones Throw Limited Edition 19.10.2023
SWG Events move into Cardiff Castle with Martin Audio's Wavefront Precision 16.10.2023
Zoom stellt den R4 MultiTrak vor 11.10.2023
Soundworks and Martin Audio WP combine for Iron Blossom Festival 09.10.2023
d&b präsentiert Livemixingworkshop auf der Tonmeistertagung 05.10.2023
Robbie Williams performs through Martin Audio's MLA 04.10.2023
Martin Audio brings INOTA Power Plant Back to Life for Four-Day Arts Festival 02.10.2023
Kii Audio presents the Kii SEVEN Wireless Music System 29.09.2023
Martin Audio WPL used for José María Napoleón at GNP Acapulco Arena 25.09.2023
Rhodes MK8 Piano boasts a uniquely powerful Stereo Analogue Effects Section 21.09.2023
Arturia’s PolyBrute goes Deeper with Firmware 3.0 19.09.2023
Martin Audio Wavefront Precision used at Richmond Jazz Festival 18.09.2023
Sinus Award: Vorzeigeprojekte für Prolight+Sound gesucht 15.09.2023
Yamaha bundles Nuendo Live 3 with Digital Consoles 15.09.2023
Tonmeistertagung 2023: Exhibition, Congress, and Networking Platform 15.09.2023
Several Hundred Martin Audio WPL Boxes used for Liquicity Festival 11.09.2023
Amadeus Spins Off Immersive Sound Brand ‘HOLOPHONIX’ 08.09.2023
Lawo and d&b deliver Quality and Innovation at Ravenna Festival 2023 05.09.2023
Martin Audio MLA still the best solution for meeting South Facing Festival’s challenges 04.09.2023
Wharfedale Pro toughens up its Product Line with new Finish 30.08.2023
Martin Audio WPL used for Brighton Pride at Preston Park 23.08.2023
22live adds ‘tiny’ Martin Audio FP4 for Sigur Rós Orchestral Monitoring 21.08.2023
Ferncast repräsentiert Marktpositionierung mit neuem Logo 18.08.2023
Korg USA Inc. appointed exclusive U.S. distributor for Audient 16.08.2023
Royer Labs announces the FlexBar Dual Microphone Utility Bar 14.08.2023
22live used Martin Audio for Australian Pink Floyd Show 14.08.2023
Solid State Logic launch B-DYN 500 Series Module 09.08.2023
GameSoundCon 2023: Bigger Venue, More Content 09.08.2023
Prism Sound warns Customers not to be fooled by Fakes 09.08.2023
58 Austrian Audio Mics Capture Sound at Open-Air Concert 08.08.2023
Martin Audio MLA makes its mark with Coolritiba 07.08.2023
G Jones & Henley Festival Celebrate 40 Years of Partnership with Innovative Rise Stage 31.07.2023
Herbert Grönemeyer auf Tournee mit Sennheiser Digital 6000 28.07.2023
Herbert Grönemeyer auf Tournee mit Sennheiser Digital 6000 28.07.2023
5 Lawo mc² consoles mixing Bastille Day 2023 Concert de Paris 26.07.2023
Bastille Day 2023: 5 Lawo mc² Pulte beim Concert de Paris 26.07.2023
Martin Audio MLA delivers another sonic masterpiece for BST Hyde Park 24.07.2023
Steinberg VST Live 20.07.2023