Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre 02.08.2022
FAST Limiter plugin and FAST Bundle 29.07.2022
Focusrite RedNet at the heart of Marshall Studio 27.07.2022
Die Highlights der Studioszene 2022 12.07.2022
Novation introduces FAST Balancer: the instant AI-powered EQ 30.06.2022
Novation’s Launchpad Mini and Launchpad X receive Updates 30.06.2022
Focusrite RedNet helps engineer and mixer Joe Zook move into Dolby Atmos 22.06.2022
Acast und Focusrite launchen erste Soundkarten speziell für Podcaster 14.06.2022
Focusrite Vocaster One and Two Earn Top Honors at NAMM U's “Best in Show” Event 09.06.2022
Chris Lord-Alge Chooses Focusrite RedNet Interfaces for His New Dolby Atmos Setup Up 08.06.2022
Focusrite introduces Vocaster One and Vocaster Two 01.06.2022
Mixer Kenny Kaiser goes multi-dimensional with Focusrite Red and RedNet Technology 20.05.2022
Focusrite Announces Clarett+ OctoPre 06.05.2022
Focusrite stellt den Clarett+ OctoPre vor 05.05.2022
Novation releases MIDI keyboard controller range for FL Studio 05.04.2022
Focusrite RedNet Interfaces Employed at Post-Production Facility Cinematic Media in Mexico City 17.03.2022
Focusrite plc buys Linea Research 10.03.2022
Focusrite RedNet Components Chosen by ATK/Clair for Super Bowl Coverage 22.02.2022
Focusrite RedNet Helps Engineer/Mixer Joe Zook Move into Dolby Atmos 11.02.2022
AES Nashville Lines Up 2022 Spring Training Exhibition 10.02.2022
Focusrite Helps UK-Based Music Institute Resonance Re-Imagine Pro Audio Education 14.01.2022
Martin Audio Announces 2022 Open Days 10.01.2022
Focusrite Clarett+-Serie 14.12.2021
Focusrite Offers System T Console Control of the RedNet MP8R 02.12.2021
Focusrite presents the Hitmaker Expansion 22.11.2021
Hollywood Re-Recording Mixer Tom Ozanich Chooses Focusrite RedNet 04.11.2021
Hörtest Binaurales Hören von Jakob Gille Online 20.10.2021
Focusrite Wins Company of the Year Award at the AIM Awards 2021 19.10.2021
Focusrite Hosts Online Pro Audio Education Panel Sessions 14.10.2021
Focusrite Continues Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Scarlett Interfaces with Video Campaign 11.10.2021
Focusrite Launches “Never Stop Creating” Campaign 07.10.2021
Focusrite Celebrates “10 Years of Making Records” with Scarlett Interfaces 05.10.2021
Focusrite’s RedNet HD32R used at Audio Post Facility Bang Zoom! Entertainment 25.08.2021
Focusrite Red 8Line 20.07.2021
Engineer/Mixer Justice Bigler Relies On Focusrite 08.07.2021
Focusrite RedNet X2P Audio Interfaces Employed at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music 18.06.2021
Remote Production Group Employs RedNet to Produce and Record Audio from Over 100 Miles Away 26.05.2021
BH is first to buy next-generation Lawo mc²36 audio consoles 20.05.2021
IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Comprexxor 13.05.2021
Focusrite Interfaces Help The Record Co. Make Music Production Accessible for Everyone 30.04.2021
Rob Papen puts out DelSane virtual stereo delay effect plug-in 29.04.2021
Focusrite plc acquires Sequential in industry development 27.04.2021
Worldwide Collaborative Music Group INTERCONTINEN7AL uses Focusrite Interfaces 13.04.2021
Sennheiser erfindet das MKE 400 neu 08.04.2021
Engineer/Producer Christian Amonson Relies On Focusrite’s RedNet AM2 07.04.2021
Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Generation 22.08.2019
Focusrite Saffire PRO 26 07.08.2014
Focusrite Scarlett Audio-USB-Interfaces 03.06.2014