Film Music

Title Published Date
New Meyer Sound Technical Support and Service Additions 07.12.2023
VSL introduces the Vienna Boys Choir & Basso Profondo Choir 05.12.2023
AIMS launches the AIMS Education Library 28.11.2023
Icon Pro Audio stellt P1-M, P1-X und P1-Nano DAW Controller vor 15.11.2023
Sonic Electricity: Orchestral Tools announces Konduit 09.11.2023
VSL releases GPU Power Extension for Vienna MIR Pro 3D, powered by GPU Audio 07.11.2023
Neue Wharfedale Pro Produkte in Deutschland verfügbar 07.11.2023
Ferncast hosts free Webinar “Spotlight on the new fernReport” 06.11.2023
VSL releases Free World Winds Expansion for Synchron Prime Edition 31.10.2023
EastWest releases Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator 31.10.2023
Black Lion Audio announces the Revolution EXP Recording Interface 31.10.2023
Orchestral Tools announces Sångara by Richard Harvey 26.10.2023
The Crow Hill Company launches as New Eco-Verse of Solutions 19.10.2023
Tascam releases Sonicview Consoles Firmware Version 1.5 18.10.2023
Out Now: Best Service - The Score, by Sonuscore 17.10.2023
Universal Audio announces UAFX OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator 16.10.2023
Yamaha MONTAGE M: Next Generation Synthesizer vorgestellt 10.10.2023
Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron Duality Strings (sordino) 03.10.2023
EPOS präsentiert die neue Headset-Serie IMPACT 5000T 27.09.2023
Lars Deutsch - Studio, Workflow and Equipment 22.09.2023
Martin Audio stellt kompakten Hochleistungs-Lautsprecher THS vor 21.09.2023
Lawo's Power Core Rev3 Wins RedTech Award 2023 at IBC Show 20.09.2023
Magali Deschamps joins NEXO as Engineering Support Manager 07.09.2023
EastWest releases Hollywood Fantasy Voices 04.09.2023
HH Electronics launches Tensor Solo 31.08.2023
United Plugins ships SounDevice Digital’s Plamen Multi-Band Saturator 29.08.2023
Solid State Logic USB-Audio-Interface SSL 12 25.08.2023
Orchestral Tools releases Berlin Harpsichords on SINE and Baroque Bundle 22.08.2023
Martin Audio Installation in der Bar ‚The Alchemist‘ 17.08.2023
Sonnet kündigt PCI Express 4.0-Adapterkarte M.2 8x4 Silent Gen4 an 16.08.2023
Vienna Symphonic Library announces Apple Silicon Chips Support 01.08.2023
Waves Audio Now Shipping the Magma Springs Reverb Plugin 31.07.2023
EastWest releases Hollywood Fantasy Percussion 28.07.2023
Orchestral Tools announces Illuvia: Dystopian Percussion Textures 26.07.2023
Riedel collaborates with Kaiser Showtechnik to Serve Events in DACH region 26.07.2023
Valves PRO: The Pinnacle of Premium Brass 21.07.2023
Valves PRO: The Pinnacle of Premium Brass 21.07.2023
Martin Audio US announces first two-day Optimisation Training Workshop 17.07.2023
RCF stellt TT+ AUDIO als neue unabhängige Marke vor 14.07.2023
Ambient releases Flag Extension for Sennheiser Handhelds 06.07.2023
Vienna Symphonic Library veröffentlicht Synchron Duality Strings 05.07.2023
Vienna Symphonic Library releases the Synchron Duality Strings 05.07.2023
Tone2 releases Nemesis3 29.06.2023
EastWest releases Hollywood Fantasy Winds 22.06.2023
UDO unveils Super Gemini Flagship Synth 22.06.2023
Interview: Der Mann hinter dem Neumann KU 100 21.06.2023
Yamaha Video-Sound Bar CS-800 ist jetzt zertifiziert für Microsoft Teams 15.06.2023
Arturia introduces the MiniFuse Recording Pack 13.06.2023
EAW presents the New MKD526 2-Way Full-Range Dual-Woofer Loudspeaker 08.06.2023
Orchestral Tools announces Abacus by Richard Harvey 07.06.2023