Film Music

LEA and d&b Technologies join the PAVA Facilities family 10.03.2023
TASCAM's Model 24 Brings Versatility to Matt Molchany's Engineering Efforts 08.03.2023
Vienna Symphonic Library releases SYNCHRON-ized Harps 01.03.2023
Voyage Audio's Spatial Mic Converter Comes to Logic Pro 01.03.2023
Sennheiser nutzt Virtual Reality für optimalen Arbeitsplatz in der Produktion 28.02.2023
Riedel News Hamburg Open 2023 12.02.2023
Yamaha STAGEPAS 200: Klang-Faszination im Kompaktformat 18.01.2023
VSL releases the MIR 3D RoomPack 7 – Grosses Festspielhaus Salzburg 17.01.2023
e-instruments Deliver Exciting New Brass Ensemble for Kontakt 17.01.2023
KV2 Audio unveils new slimline addition to ESR family at ISE 2023 13.01.2023
Best Service releases Chris Hein - OCTA 05.01.2023
Bitwig and Orchestral Tools present Orchestral Woodwinds 16.12.2022
Vienna Symphonic Library introduces Lyrical Legato for Horn 1 & 2 of Synchron Brass 15.12.2022
IK Multimedia Launches Salsa Percussion Loops 15.12.2022
Orchestral Tools Explores Close-up Soundscapes with Salu 14.12.2022
Best Service releases The Woods Of The Wild by Sonuscore 13.12.2022
Best Service releases The Orchestra Complete 3 by Sonuscore 09.12.2022
Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron Fazioli F308 07.12.2022
Spitfire Audio announces APERTURE CASSETTE SYMPHONY, a one-of-a-kind library offering 25.11.2022
Orchestral Tools Announces Launch of Metropolis Ark Ø 21.11.2022
Spitfire Audio announces availability of ORIGINALS WURLI 17.11.2022
Sound Particles Releases a New Bundle to Mix Music in Spatial 17.11.2022
Spitfire Audio announces ABBEY ROAD ORCHESTRA: LOW PERCUSSION 11.11.2022
Orchestral Tools Announces Drones by Alexander Hacke 10.11.2022
Baby Audio IHNY-2 01.11.2022
Spitfire Audio works introduces YAIR ELAZAR GLOTMAN - SPECULATIVE MEMORIES 28.10.2022
Orchestral Tools Launches FABRIK Series with Transit and Radome 27.10.2022
Q-SYS ernennt Karon Evanoff zum Senior Vice President, Global Operations 24.10.2022
Opus Award 2023: Außergewöhnliche Projekte und Inszenierungen gesucht 17.10.2022
SAE Convention 2022 14.10.2022
Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron World Winds 05.10.2022
Spitfire Audio works with Bleeding Fingers to forge FRACTURED STRINGS 23.09.2022
Pierre Arcé is the new sales director for NTi Audio France 22.09.2022