Novation introduces FAST Balancer: the instant AI-powered EQ 30.06.2022
Pulsar Audio Announce Massive + New Bundle 24.05.2022
Voxengo TEOTE 1.10 automatic spectral balancer plugin released 12.05.2022
Voxengo Peakbuster 1.4 attack-phase boosting plugin released 21.03.2022
Eventide updates SplitEQ 16.03.2022
Jesse Ray Ernster announces MIXLAND’s free new tube EQ/saturation plugin freeTILT 25.02.2022
Austrian Audio Mics On Tour with The Rolling Stones 04.02.2022
MIXLAND releases TILT, a passive equalizer plugin 28.01.2022
Voxengo CurveEQ 3.12 spline equalizer plugin released 27.01.2022
Magix releases SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 16 24.01.2022
Magix veröffentlicht SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 16 24.01.2022
Voxengo TEOTE 1.8 automatic spectral balancer plugin released 18.01.2022
Sonible bringt intelligenten True Peak Limiter auf den Markt 13.12.2021
FabFilter releases FabFilter Volcano 3 18.11.2021
Eventide Ushers in a New Era of Equalization with SplitEQ 10.11.2021
Softube Weiss Collection - Teil 2 21.09.2021
Softube Weiss Collection - Teil 1 14.09.2021
Louder Than Liftoff announces SILVER BULLET mk2 flagship stereo bus/line/mic TONE-AMPTM 02.09.2021
Heritage Audio präsentiert MOTORCITY EQualizer 31.08.2021
Heritage Audio announces availability of MOTORCITY EQualizer 17.08.2021
Soundtheory introduces Gullfoss Master 15.07.2021
iZotope Upgrades AI-Powered Audio Assistants in Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro 15.06.2021
Arturia unveils expanded production suite, FX Collection 2 08.06.2021
Voxengo releases Voxformer version 2.19 07.06.2021
The ISE Digital platform is live 26.05.2021
MIA Laboratories Announce "The Musiqual Series MKII Plug-Ins" 18.05.2021
EVE Audio celebrates milestone anniversary 16.05.2021
Heritage Audio SymphEQ ab sofort verfügbar 11.05.2021
Harrison Consoles announce AVA Drum Flow 11.05.2021
Spektrale Balance auf ganzer Linie mit Sonible smart:EQ 3 05.05.2021
Baby Audio introduce Smooth Operator Plug-In 27.04.2021
Neue SSL Steckkarten im API 500 Format 16.04.2021
Major Update for Soundtheory Gullfoss 16.04.2021
CLW Church in Bonn Integrates and Upgrades With Martin Audio CDD 29.03.2021
MCI JH-500 – Der fast vergessene Studiostandard im 19"-Modul 29.12.2019
Warm Audio WA73-EQ 28.07.2018
Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ für UAD2-Plattform 18.11.2017
Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel 05.04.2017
UAD Precision Plug-Ins für Mastering 26.02.2016
WARM AUDIO EQP-WA 28.10.2015
Radial Q4 State Variable Parametric EQ 23.09.2015
Radial Q3 Induction Coil Equalizer 11.09.2015