Audio Interface

Title Published Date
Producer and Songwriter Brian Howes relies on Focusrite Interfaces 08.09.2023
Universal Audio releases Apollo Twin X USB Audio Interface 06.09.2023
Vienna Symphonic Library veröffentlicht Synchron Smart Orchestra 05.09.2023
IK Multimedia releases iRig HD X 31.08.2023
Focusrite introduces the new Scarlett Solo, 2i2 and 4i4 31.08.2023
Focusrite Equipment used at Sonic Forest Studios for Immersive Audio 22.08.2023
Manley Massive Passive XXV Anniversary Edition in Kürze lieferbar 17.08.2023
Audient Interface Apps accessible to Blind & Vision Impaired Users 14.08.2023
Acoustune is introduced to the European market by cma audio 10.08.2023
Prism Sound warns Customers not to be fooled by Fakes 09.08.2023
Focusrite RedNet Components used at Loyola University New Orleans 07.08.2023
American Mobile relies on Focusrite Technology 31.07.2023
American Mobile relies on Focusrite Technology 31.07.2023
5 Lawo mc² consoles mixing Bastille Day 2023 Concert de Paris 26.07.2023
Yamaha stellt 16-Kanal-Wireless-Access-Point RM-WAP-16 vor 19.07.2023
RME introduces the new Fireface 802 FS 18.07.2023
Rob Papen Blue III und eXplorer 8 Update 04.07.2023
Shure Equipment für die Krönung von König Charles III genutzt 29.06.2023
BOSS introduces the DM-101 Delay Machine 22.06.2023
Andrew Allen Steps Into Product & Marketing Director Role at Audient 19.06.2023
RME introduces the new M-32 Pro II: Now with AVB or DANTE 15.06.2023
RODECaster Duo: Kompaktes Audio Production Studio 15.06.2023
Arturia introduces the MiniFuse Recording Pack 13.06.2023
Pliant Technologies announces CrewCom v1.14 Update 31.05.2023
TASCAM is the Foundation of Annabelle Chairlegs' Recording Efforts 31.05.2023
RØDE releases the Streamer X 25.05.2023
Knobula Introduces Pianophonic Multi-Oscillator Wavetable Synth 05.05.2023
Focusrite Red and RedNet Technology used by Rawr Productions 04.05.2023
Focusrite Solutions Serve as the Audio Gateway for One for One Productions Studio 27.04.2023
Focusrite Solutions Serve as the Audio Gateway for One for One Productions Studio 27.04.2023
NTi Audio CEO Philipp Schwizer retires 25.04.2023
Riedel Intercom-Lösung für das Gillette-Stadion 19.04.2023
K-array strengthens EMEA team 14.04.2023
IK Multimedia Releases AXE I/O ONE Audio Interface 13.04.2023
Modbap Modular introduces the Meridian module DUAL MULTIMODE FILTER ARRAY 12.04.2023
Apogee Launches Jam X 11.04.2023
Next Generation Monitoring: Neumann Releases the KH 120 II 10.04.2023
Offener Brief der Berufsvereinigung Filmton und des Verbands Deutscher Tonmeister 03.04.2023
Neumann präsentiert das MT 48 Audio-Interface 03.04.2023
Neumann präsentiert das MT 48 Audio-Interface 03.04.2023
Neumann Unveils the MT 48 Audio Interface 03.04.2023
Secret Hand Studios Chooses Focusrite Technology to Streamline Its Workflow 30.03.2023
Digital Audio Denmark Introduces AX Center Thunder|Core Audio Interface 28.03.2023
Universal Audio Releases Immersive Audio Support for Apollo x16 Interfaces 21.03.2023
Dolby veröffentlicht neuen Dolby Atmos Renderer 16.03.2023
RME introduces the new Fireface UFX III 15.03.2023
Listen Announces SoundCheck Version 21 06.03.2023
Listen Introduces a New Portable Dual-Channel Audio Interface 03.03.2023
Focusrite RedNet Components Chosen by ATK/Clair for Super Bowl LVII 22.02.2023
Warwick Acoustics Commercialises Automotive In-Car Audio Technology 21.02.2023