Audio Interface

IK Multimedia releases iRig Stream Solo and iRig Stream Pro 21.10.2021
Focusrite Wins Company of the Year Award at the AIM Awards 2021 19.10.2021
Focusrite Continues Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Scarlett Interfaces with Video Campaign 11.10.2021
TASCAM Keeps the Music Flowing for Drummer / Percussionist Fredo Ortiz 07.10.2021
Focusrite Launches “Never Stop Creating” Campaign 07.10.2021
Focusrite Celebrates “10 Years of Making Records” with Scarlett Interfaces 05.10.2021
Arturia introduce MiniFuse range 28.09.2021
Focusrite Announces Clarett+ - Clarity Redefined 09.09.2021
Antelope Audio announces Galaxy 32 Synergy Core 25.08.2021
PreSonus Now Shipping The Revelator io24 11.08.2021
Engineer/Mixer Justice Bigler Relies On Focusrite 08.07.2021
Nixer Pro Audio joins RAVENNA community 06.07.2021
Focusrite RedNet X2P Audio Interfaces Employed at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music 18.06.2021
Apogee Announces Duet 3 and Duet Dock 15.06.2021
AmpConnect 621TM – A New Multichannel, Multifunction Audio Interface 12.06.2021
Apogee Symphony Desktop Release 1.19 Now Available 03.06.2021
RME celebrates 25th Anniversary with Fireface UCX II USB Audio Interface 02.06.2021
Antelope Audio announces Zen Q Synergy Core 28.05.2021
Remote Production Group Employs RedNet to Produce and Record Audio from Over 100 Miles Away 26.05.2021
Merging+Anubis Music Mission Released 20.05.2021
Focusrite Interfaces Help The Record Co. Make Music Production Accessible for Everyone 30.04.2021
40 Jahre d&b audiotechnik - „More Art. Less Noise.“ 22.04.2021
Yamaha Announces Active Field Control Upgrade 22.04.2021
KS AUDIO selects a new sales structure for the german-speaking region 22.04.2021
Engineer/Producer Christian Amonson Relies On Focusrite’s RedNet AM2 07.04.2021