Amp Simulation

Title Published Date
Nembrini launches Bass Hammer Plugin 08.04.2024
IK Multimedia releases Metal Gems Signature Collection for TONEX 28.03.2024
IK Multimedia releases MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection 15.02.2024
IK Multimedia releases TONEX 1.5 11.01.2024
Bogren Digital introduces the IRDX Core Plug-in 09.01.2024
KEMPER introduces the KEMPER PROFILER Player 19.12.2023
HeadRush introduces ReValver 5 05.12.2023
BOSS announces IR-2 Amp & Cabinet Pedal 04.12.2023
IK Multimedia releases TONEX ODS Legends Signature Collection 16.11.2023
IK Multimedia celebrates 20,000 Tone Models on ToneNET 02.11.2023
Celestion debuts the Shades of Greenback Digital Impulse Response Collection 04.10.2023
MeldaProduction announces the MGuitarArchitect 25.09.2023
Bogren Digital announces the MLC Subzero 100 Plugin 08.08.2023
KEMPER announces Liquid Profiling 03.08.2023
Nembrini Audio introduces Cali Axis Plugin 01.08.2023
IK Multimedia releases TONEX Tone Partner Collections 20.07.2023
Waves Audio Now Shipping “Voltage Amps” Guitar & Bass Amp Plugins 02.05.2023
Nembrini’s New EN Hardball Metal Head Guitar Amplifier Plugin 06.03.2023
Universal Audio Announces UAFX Guitar Amp Emulators 24.05.2022
United Plugins announces Muramasa Audio Bassment as all-in-one single-screen bass guitar solution 05.04.2022
Nembrini Audio Launches The Faceman 2-Channel Head Guitar Amp Plugin 14.03.2022
Nembrini Audio Introduces Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier Plugin 14.02.2022
Nembrini Audio Launches Their Studio Grade Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp Plugin 19.07.2021
Native Instruments reveals KOMPLETE 13 with GUITAR RIG 6 PRO 01.09.2020