Voxengo Soniformer 3.14 spectral mastering processor plugin released 29.11.2022
Spitfire Audio announces APERTURE CASSETTE SYMPHONY, a one-of-a-kind library offering 25.11.2022
Spatial Audio Designer Named as a Finalist for A NAMM TEC Award 23.11.2022
United Plugins announces SoundDevice Digital-developed VoxDucker 22.11.2022
Voxengo Voxformer 2.21 vocal channel strip plugin released 21.11.2022
Orchestral Tools Announces Launch of Metropolis Ark Ø 21.11.2022
Rob Papen announces the eXplorer-8 bundle, BLUE-III and RevSane 19.11.2022
Rafael Covarrubias Joins EAW LATAM Team as Regional Sales Manager 17.11.2022
Spitfire Audio announces availability of ORIGINALS WURLI 17.11.2022
Spitfire Audio announces availability of ORIGINALS WURLI 17.11.2022
ISOVOX introduces ISOPLUG as plug-in for vocals and voice-over 17.11.2022
Get ready for ISE 2023 16.11.2022
Black Rooster Audio announces availability of TD-201 plug-in 16.11.2022
Sennheiser steuert Audiosystem für die neuen Plus-Modelle von Morgan bei 15.11.2022
Voxengo TEOTE 1.12 automatic spectral balancer plugin released 14.11.2022
Spitfire Audio announces ABBEY ROAD ORCHESTRA: LOW PERCUSSION 11.11.2022
Audified announces availability of GK Amplification 3 Pro plug-in 09.11.2022
Playfair Audio veröffentlicht Update von Dynamic Grading 04.11.2022
Playfair Audio release update to Dynamic Grading Plug-In 03.11.2022
United Plugins announces SounDevice Digital-developed MasterMind mastering plug-in 01.11.2022
Baby Audio IHNY-2 01.11.2022
Spitfire Audio works introduces YAIR ELAZAR GLOTMAN - SPECULATIVE MEMORIES 28.10.2022
Hollyland präsentiert den Lark C1 für Audio-Aufnahmen mit Smartphones 27.10.2022
AES New York 2022 Convention Exceeds In-Person Expectations 25.10.2022
Mackie ergänzt M-Caster Serie mit M•Caster Studio 21.10.2022
Riedel at the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Annual Meeting 20.10.2022
Moogerfoogers Are Back: All 7 Pedals Now Available as Plug-ins 20.10.2022
Evergreen Audio Design Group announce Post Production Metering Suite for Pro Tools 20.10.2022
Chandler Limited präsentiert den RS660 Compressor 19.10.2022
W.A. Production collaborates withK-391 for Put Me On DRUMS 17.10.2022
Wavefront Precision in full bloom at Shrewsbury Flower Festival 14.10.2022
Kopfhörerverstärker Violectric HPA V202 und HPA V222 13.10.2022
Modbap Modular HUE 10.10.2022
United Plugins announces availability of JMG Sound Cryostasis SPECTRAL INERTIA 06.10.2022
MAAT Bows Apple Silicon Version of Breakout FiDef Hit 06.10.2022
Sennheiser rolls out European tour to introduce EW-DX 04.10.2022
EastWest Hybrid-Synthesizer FORBIDDEN PLANET 04.10.2022
MIXLAND introduces STEAMDRIVER 03.10.2022
Finishing Move to give Keynote Speech at GameSoundCon 2022 28.09.2022
Spitfire Audio works with Bleeding Fingers to forge FRACTURED STRINGS 23.09.2022
Noise Engineering announces three new plugins crafted for sound design 23.09.2022
Q-SYS erweitert die AcousticDesign Serie mit Lautsprechern für anspruchsvolle Umgebungen 23.09.2022
Mächtiges Klangmaterial – Materials: Wood & Water für Steinberg HALion 22.09.2022
Neue vielseitige Denon AV-Receiver mit immersivem Sound und 8K-Video 22.09.2022
Waves Updates All Nx Headphone Mixing Plugins 22.09.2022