About us

All starts more than 20 years ago. "Proaudio-Net", a communication platform for the pro-audio business was found by Peter Kaminski. With the success of the World Wide Web the "ProAudio-Web" in english language was found and app. 11 years ago the name was changed to "proaudio.de" and the service was available in german language only. From the 1st of June 2010 proaudio.de offering also english articles.

On the 1st of June 2012 the version 3 of our service is online. Now the english service is independent from the german section and offers articles for the international readers in english only. The domain for the englisch service is now proaudio-web.com.



Peter Kaminski (Dipl.-Ing.), the founder and editor in chief.

He studies telekommunication and developing several electronic for the audio business. He was working for a big software company in Hamburg as chief developer. In 2005 he starts the studio "Mastering & Surround Factory" in Hamburg and he works in the field of mastering and remastering.

He is also well known as an editor of hundreds of articles and in different print media and author of several technical books.