Ferncast aixtream 3.5

ferncast aixtream3 5

Ferncast, the audio logistics company specialized in 24/7 software solutions, announces the release of version 3.5 of aixtream. The new release offers a broad range of new features focusing on three areas: file playlist processing, deployment via docker containers and support of more APIs, including MusicMaster.

While aixtream has originally been developed for 24/7 live applications, file processing in the audio world is becoming more and more important as consumer enjoy more on-demand content. The new block of elements serves playlist handling, adding user-defined crossfades, cue in/outs as well as marker flags and integrated loudness measurements or changes. aixtream can now transcode entire file libraries and schedule playout of the audio. These features are accompanied by support for two more APIs: MusicMaster scheduling software, QuantumCast MetaPort (CDN).

Deploying aixtream is now even easier with this new release as full support for Docker container is now included. This makes aixtream even easier to integrate into a greater number of workflows, as it becomes easier to transplant aixtream into other environments. Besides the use for customers who want hassle-free virtual and cloud installations, this also simplifies integration of aixtream into partner systems.

Moreover, some other features have been added or improved in version 3.5 in addition to general bug fixing. Among these features, customers will find the following:

  • Support for SIREN encoder algorithm
  • Delayed triggering of Smart Control Applet actions
  • Binary data output via SRT
  • Improved bandwidth detection for HLS (via BANDWIDTH and AVERAGE-BANDWIDTH tags)

Bernd Geiser, Senior Audio Engineer at Ferncast, commented the new release: “The development team is really happy with the new release, which greatly expands the field of applications. Now, external radio program schedules (e. g. from MusicMaster(R)) can be freely processed into any audio stream format. And with container deployment support (Docker), aixtream is now ready for flexible use in data centers, facilitating services on all scales - from small or short-term on-demand jobs to large multi-station and multi-format deployments requiring failover strategies.”

The new release enlarges Ferncast range of products and services. Thus, they will propose soon new online services available to their customers. aixtream version 3.5 will be released today to the customer base. You can visit their website to learn more about aixtream or meet them at the IBC at stand 8.F83 to get an aixtream demo.