Shakmat Ballista Blast, Bishop Miscellany mk2 & Griffin’s Claws

Shakmat SB24

Shakmat will be presenting 3 new modules at Superbooth24: Ballista Blast, Griffin’s Claws & Bishop Miscellany mk2. They will be at Booth 340 to introduce the new modules to visitors.

Ballista Blast

Ballista Blast offers a monophonic synthesizer voice with a digital / analog architecture. The module proposes a vast sonic palette thanks to its three engines:

  • 1°Classic: combines saw and square waves in various configurations, driving two switchable analog VCFs with different flavors (acid or bubbly), a VCA, and a distortion unit.
  • 2°Wavetable: provides a wide and customizable set of wavetables, processed through the same analog chain as the classic engine.
  • 3°FM: Original algorithms processed by an LPG and a VCA. These algorithms use up to four operators and are controlled by three macro controls, enabling precise manipulation of the different algorithms.

To animate those engines, the Ballista Blast incorporates a handy envelope, a random generator, and a velocity input, all of which can be assigned to nearly any parameter.Like all the latest Shakmat releases, the module also features a non-volatile memory of 100 presets (stored on an SD card) and supports the select bus protocol. The Ballista Blast packs all the essential features for a modern and highly versatile synth voice into its 12hp size, covering a vast range of sounds from analog squelchy basslines to complex digital textures, and from mellow harmonic tones to harsh chaotic sounds.

Feature list:

  • Hybrid digital / analog synthesizer voice
  • Classic, Wavetable and FM engines
  • Onboard envelope
  • Assignable velocity and gate inputs
  • Assignable random generator
  • SD card storable presets
  • Select bus compatible
  • Width: 12hp Depth 29mm

Bishop Miscellany mk2: CV/Gate Engine

Calling the Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 simply a new version of our very first module is quite unfair. While the intuitive CV/gate recorder with its "instant riff maker" DNA approach from the mk1 is still a part of the plan, the mk2 has much more to offer. Firstly, a sequence processor with glide, ratchet, CV modulation, and gate length has been added. Of course, these processes can be recorded for creating more dynamic sequences. The module also comes with a wide set of algorithms dedicated to sequence generation and regeneration. From generative music to radical sequence breakage, the (re)gen feature offers a plethora of tools to originally create or manipulate musical patterns. Last but not least, it is now possible to store recorded sequences on a SD card. The Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 features a tracker-like grid, providing the ability to arrange stored sequences for song composition or organizing a live set. As with all the latest Shakmat modules, the Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 supports the select bus protocol.

Feature list :

  • Dual Stepped CV/Gate Engine
  • Glide, gate length, ratchet and pitch modulation
  • Performative (Re)generative algorithms
  • Onboard quantizer
  • SD card and presets
  • Tracker style pattern arrangement
  • Select bus compatible
  • Width: 14hp Depth 29mm

Griffin’s Claws: Quad Attenuator Recorder

Attenuators are an essential part of any synthesizer. Playing with them is great fun and is often a crucial aspect of musical expression with a modular system. However, they require constant attention. The Griffin’s Claw remedies to this problem as the core of the module is four recordable attenuators with offset normalization, linear or logarithmic response and cascade mix. With its versatile features set, the Griffin’s Claw can be used for a large range of applications: CV attenuation animation, atypical modulation signals, automated audio mix,…

To spice things up, the Griffin’s Claw can be synced to external clock signals, allows control on recording rates and amplitudes, provides gate outputs linked to fader movements and supports the select bus protocol with up to 16 presets. And of course it attenuates.

Feature list:

  • Attenuation recorder with offset normalization
  • Logarithmic or linear response
  • Syncable recording time with tempo adaptation
  • Gate outputs linked to fader movements
  • Control on rates and amplitudes
  • Memory of 16 presets
  • Select Bus compatible
  • Width: 12hp Depth 29mm