Clearmountain’s Domain Version 1.1 Now Compatible With Windows 10


Apogee’s Clearmountain’s Domain plugin, launched in October for macOS, is now compatible with Windows 10. Now, Windows users can take full advantage of Bob Clearmountain’s personalized multi-effects plugin with over 20 classic presets and soundscapes created from his most iconic recordings. Advanced tabs let you customize your own mix domain using Bob’s essential toolkit of custom spaces, convolution reverbs, delays, de-essers, pitch and EQ modules.

Clearmountain’s Domain features easy to access presets recreated by Bob to emulate his classic mixes of iconic recordings by artists like David Bowie, Roxy Music, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, INXS, John Fogerty and many more.

While the classic presets help you easily recreate the sonic environment of your favorite Clearmountain mixes, advanced views reveal Clearmountain’s decades of expertise and empower you to create your own musical mix domain.

Download Clearmountain’s Domain Version 1.1 on the Apogee website. Version 1.1 includes both Mac and Windows installers. License available for purchase through authorized Apogee dealers and on the Apogee webstore.