Voxengo PHA-979 version 2.7


Voxengo PHA-979 version 2.7 update is now available for download. Voxengo PHA-979 is a track phase and time alignment audio plugin, available in AudioUnit, AAX, VST and VST3 plug-in formats (including native 64-bit support), for Mac OS X (v10.7 and later), and Windows computers.

PHA-979 version 2.7 includes the following changes:

  • Added horizontal lining to correlometer.
  • Added Retina support on macOS, and automatic high-resolution UI size adjustment on Windows.
  • 6% lower CPU usage on AVX2-capable processors (in 64-bit mode).

PHA-979 is useful during mixing sessions, especially when working with the sound material recorded through an array of microphones. In many cases this allows you to solve various phasing problems arising from the microphone placement chosen during the tracking session. In other cases this process may help you to align drums and other instruments to each other bringing punch and time coherence not attainable by the ordinary time-aligning alone.

PHA-979 end-user license is available for purchase on-line for US$ 59.95. Demo version of Voxengo PHA-979 can be downloaded at the Voxengo web site.