MIA Laboratories Now Distributed By Plugivery


Plugivery and MIA Laboratories are proud to announce their recent collaboration. MIA Laboratories software and plug-ins are now available to pro audio resellers and music stores worldwide via Plugivery Distribution services.

MIA Laboratories and Plugivery Distribution are excited to deliver the next level of virtual studio technology and digital signal processing solutions, that do justice to the Analogue heritage that gave birth to them.

Fusing science, experience, knowledge and passion, MIA Laboratories deliver the most revered aspects of analogue sound. Their current available releases (Pi & Phi Mk2, and the Musiqual Series Red SE, Blue SE and Green SE) are the first of a series of next-level audio processing software tools they aim to create.

The MIA Laboratories team is committed to exploring and stretching the capabilities of digital sound processing technology following years of strenuous research, rigorous testing, acute listening, tweaking and judging the results to perfect their products.

MIA Laboratories' products are now available from all reputable pro audio resellers and music stores worldwide at Plugivery.