ULTRASONE is introducing Gold Titanium Compound driver

Which makes its first appearance in the masterpiece Edition 15 open headphones


Curtains up for a new dimension of listening: with the high-end masterpiece Edition 15 open headphones, the Bavarian headphone manufacturer ULTRASONE is introducing a completely new generation of sound transducer: the Gold Titanium Compound driver, or GTC for short. It features a gold membrane and titanium cap, enabling a unique combination of audiophile precision and music-playing enjoyment. Whether it’s dynamic classical music, passionate jazz or max-compressed EDM – GTC ensures the music sounds just as the artist intended. ULTRASONE developed the new GTC drivers in combination with its patented S-LogicEX technology. The two innovations complement each other perfectly: the GTC sound transducer ensures excellent general sound reproduction, while S-LogicEX provides impressive spatial sound reproduction. Together the two ULTRASONE-developed technologies unite to provide a brilliant sound experience that redefines audiophile luxury.

A new technology milestone from ULTRASONE: with the Gold Titanium Compound driver, the Bavarian headphone specialist has put a new high-end generation of sound transducers into the heart of its headphones. GTC stands for Gold Titanium Compound, a combination of gold and titanium. In this sound transducer class developed by ULTRASONE, a gold membrane combines with a titanium cap, harnessing the individual strengths of the two metals and uniting them to provide a brilliant sound experience. This product of years of development has been used for the first time in the Edition 15 open reference headphones.

This particularly high-end combination of materials is immediately visible with a single glance at the sound transducer: the gold-coated Mylar membrane makes up the majority of the driver. Gold is renowned for its sound characteristics: a soft, warm tonality with great lustre. In the GTC driver, the gold membrane is responsible for reproducing mids and bass sounds, and thus for the fine, precise resolution of these frequency ranges. In the centre of the Gold Titanium Compound sound transducer is a titanium cap. This metal is more rigid than gold and therefore provides ideal characteristics for the highs. Titanium is familiar to many as a material used in medicine, and its proverbial surgical precision also applies when it comes to the metal’s sound characteristics. This ensures high frequencies are absolutely clear and precise.

The GTC membrane is powered by a high-performance electromagnet with a core made of neodymium, iron and boron. ULTRASONE specialists used tests to finely attune the magnet’s strength to the rest of the system. This ensures perfect interplay between the membrane and magnet, with the sound transducer reacting with marked precision and speed to the music’s dynamic impulses.

In the GTC driver, all the elements are delicately attuned to one another, just like in a perfect musical composition. The gold membrane, titan cap and NdFeB magnet form a total system that guarantees the best possible sound. GTC technology equips the high-end driver for a new generation of headphones.

ULTRASONE developed the GTC drivers in direct combination with S-LogicEX technology. This ensures that the high-resolution sound of the GTC sound transducers is given a unique stage on which to perform: S-LogicEX ensures an authentic spatial sound, meaning it is more like listening to a pair of speakers than a pair of headphones. The reason this acoustic experience is possible is because of the decentralised placement of the sound transducers: positioning these in a funnel creates more reflections than a classic membrane pointing towards the ear would be capable of. The result: a wide, spacious stereo image and excellent depth gradation, allowing you to rediscover your favourite music all over again.

The newly-developed Gold Titanium Compound driver makes its first appearance in the ULTRASONE masterpiece Edition 15. The open reference headphones for audiophile music lovers and professional sound engineers are the first product from the Bavarian headphone manufacturer to feature the new driver technology together with patented S-LogicEX technology. “The new member of the Editions family will impress you with a hearty and rich yet always-precise bass, and will enchant you in the mid-range with a nimbleness and effortlessness that are rare to behold” writes Holger Biermann, editor-in-chief of LowBeats.de, adding: “the ULTRASONE Edition 15 is not just the best set of headphones that the small Bavarian manufacturer has so far brought to market, it should also be a significant player in the illustrious circle of the very best headphones available.” Even though the Edition 15’s sound will impress you again and again – it’s not just the inner values that will captivate. Traditionally, ULTRASONE has also placed great emphasis on external features, and has refined its latest milestone piece with American cherry wood for the ear cups and merino leather for the headpad. These high-end headphones are limited to 999 units for maximum exclusivity.

This limited edition is not the end for GTC technology, however – there are significant further developments to come.