Waves Audio Displays F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ


Waves Audio offering the F6 plugin, a surgical dynamic equalizer with six floating, fully-adjustable parametric filter bands, advanced EQ and compression/expansion controls for each band, mid-side processing options and more.

F6 is the ultimate problem-solving EQ that can be used for diverse equalization, compression, expansion and de-essing processes, whether for mixing or mastering, in the studio or live. Each of the six floating bands features advanced EQ and dynamic controls that let users zero in on any problem spot – and treat it only when the problem arises.

Rather than treating a frequency one time and leaving it there for the entire track, F6’s EQ settings are sensitive to the dynamics of a track, so users can select not only by how much, but also precisely when a specific frequency will be boosted or cut, compressed or expanded.

With the F6, users can EQ more precisely, with filters that can be as narrow or as wide as they like, free-floating bands that can overlap, variable EQ shapes, and threshold-sensitive EQ settings. F6 is ideal for isolating specific problems on individual tracks and fixing them transparently only when they pop out. Its advanced mid-side processing capabilities give users even greater ability to carve out EQ space in a busy mix, so more life can be breathed into mixes.

Music is dynamic. The intensity of any piece of music constantly rises and falls. With the F6 dynamic EQ plugin, users finally have the perfect EQ tool to match this dynamic variation.

Waves F6 features:

  • Precision EQ triggered by a built-in dynamic processor
  • Six floating bands that can be placed anywhere in the spectrum
  • Powerful EQ and compression/expansion controls for each band
  • Advanced sidechaining, parallel compression and mid-side processing
  • High and low pass filters; bell and notch EQ shapes
  • Each band features a solo/sidechain monitor
  • Touch-compatible
  • Zero latency and low CPU consumption
  • Equally effective for studio and live mixing