Plugivery Announces Distribution of Maestro Music Software

Plugivery and Maestro Music Software today announce that they have partnered to offer easier access to all Maestro notation and composition software for pro audio resellers and music stores worldwide.

Plugivery, a leading distributor of audio software, plug-ins and sound libraries via electronic delivery and Maestro Music Software, an award winning Music Composition & Notation Software company are today proud to announce that they have partnered in order to make all of Maestro Music’s professional notation software available to a wider range of pro audio dealers and music stores all around the world.

The Maestro Music Software line of products are the result of 17 years of hard work involving the efforts of some of the world’s best musical experts, consultants, professional music educators, and software developers. Maestro Music Software provides musicians with powerful, intuitive, and easy to use music notation software. Their goal is to serve the music notation needs of all musicians; from professional music publishers and composers to music educators, students, and musicians of all proficiency levels.

Over the last 15 years, Maestro Music Software has been developing a unique range of music notation and composition software. The MagicScore family is well-known among musicians and highly acclaimed by experts, taking leading positions in critical reviews and independent publications.

Here’s a great Testimonial about Maestro Music Software from Chad Criswell - “I’ve tried and reviewed almost every music notation program on the market and MagicScore Maestro competes with all of them head on. It has the easiest and most complete tool sets of any program, making it so that I never have to go digging through layers of nested menus to find that one hidden articulation, dynamic marking, or note head that you are looking for. For the price you really can’t beat it for the features that it provides.”