Auralex Introduces DeskMAX v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels


Auralex Acoustics, Inc. celebrating its 40th anniversary, is introducing its DeskMAX v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels. The DeskMAX v2 is designed as a portable, lightweight, variable and highly effective absorption treatment. It is designed for both permanent recording and makeshift setups (for instance, podcasting), mixing and live performance applications.

Equally appropriate in the studio, classroom, home office or on the stage, DeskMAX v2 can be used anywhere boundary-mounted acoustical treatments aren’t feasible or desired. It is ideal for musicians and voiceover professionals working in rented spaces and can also be used as a very effective amplifier and speaker cabinet baffle.

The pair of 2’x2’x3” DeskMAX v2 panels are made from Auralex Studiofoam, mount to the included desktop stands and store in a convenient travel bag that accommodates both panels and stands.


  • Portable nearfield acoustic treatment
  • Perfect for voiceover work, podcasts and more
  • Available Colors: Charcoal Gray, Burgundy & Purple
  • 2’ wide x 2’ tall x 3” thick
  • Convenient Travel Bag included