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Anarchy Audioworx was created in December 2018, with a goal to create tools to help musicians get to where they want to be in their artistic careers and with their productions as quickly as possible.

With years of experience in the music industry they compiled all of their tools, resources, knowledge, and products in one place to share within a community. Their site is now a streamlined control centre containing everything one needs to create and play music. Anarchy Audioworx have taken much of the unnecessary hard work out of making music, giving musicians back more valuable time to create!

With six current products in the catalogue, Anarchy Audioworx plug-ins are quick to grasp and immediately useful for those just starting out, or seasoned professionals looking looking for new useful effects to inspire them.

Vocalator Pro is a 19-in-1 full vocal production suite that helps you get that radio-ready polished vocal sound in an instant.

AnarchyAudioworx Vocalator Pro

Built to suit all music genres, its super low unnoticeable latency and super low CPU usage, combined with its extensive amount of control and intuitive interface makes the up until now ‘industry standard’ choices of plug-ins used by world class mix engineers now seem obsolete.

 LFO Pro provides a 6 LFO multi modulation effect and an easy sidechain ducking feature for volume, bass frequencies, and high frequencies, as well as 2 global filter LFO modulators and a pan LFO modulator. Its 6 LFO’s can run in sync or independently from each other at different timings to create evolving textures and interesting rhythms. Its easy ability to duck the volume, bass frequencies, and high frequencies via automatic side chaining can achieve everything from intense volume pumping to focused and transparent rhythmic frequency carving.

AnarchyAudioworx LFO Pro small

Pulsar is a new age of phaser bringing a fresh spin to the effect. With 2 separate frequency controls, choice between tempo-synced and millisecond modulation speeds, a variety of LFO waveform shapes, feedback and mix controls all available from the beautifully constructed interface, you have everything you need to add movement and interest to your sound.

AnarchyAudioworx Pulsar

Duplex is a classic-sounding chorusing effect with a smooth, deep, and rich tone. The perfect tool for adding 3-dimensional depth and stereo width to your sounds. The featured Goniometer gives you visual awareness of the stereo field while you tweak your sound to perfection. And, 25 presets are included, inspired by chorus effects from various sought-after classic units, including the Juno.

AnarchyAudioworx Duplex

Anarchy Comp is a versatile compressor suitable for use on any kind of sound, mix buss, or master buss. Its 55 preset strong library has the perfect starting points you need to get your sounds under control in any situation. Perfect for processing every kind of sound whether it be electronic, acoustic, or live recordings, and has solid presets for every instrument and scenario.

AnarchyAudioworx AnarchyComp

Beef does exactly what it says on the tin - instantly adding weight, depth, punch, clarity, and a full warm analog tone to any sound. Using a clever blend of dynamic processing, wave shaping, tube emulation, saturation, distortion, bit crush and filters, Beef makes any instrument stand out in the mix with ease giving your track the extra fire that it deserves.

AnarchyAudioworx Beef

The Total Anarchy Bundle contains all 6 plug-ins above alongside FREE CONTENT - 3 (.Wav) sample libraries - Synth Essentials Volume One, Modern Hypnotic Techno, and Bad 808 - And, Synth Essentials Volume 1 for Native Instruments Kontakt and Ableton Live Racks.

An introductory promotion shall be available from June 22nd, through July 11th.

Anarchy Audioworx products are now available worldwide through all reputable pro-audio resellers, via Plugivery Distribution.