Two new product series join flagship line array on Amate Audio’s ISE booth

New 3-way X212AF active programmable line array and X218WF sub take pride of place on 2020 booth

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Amate Audio S.L. Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain, 16 January 2020. Shown ‘publically’ for the first time at ISE 2019, X212AF, the company’s advanced geometry, fully active and programmable contender for the high end line array market, will take pride of place on its 2020 booth. It will be joined, not only by the matched X218WF 5000 W programmable sub, but also two new product series being officially launched at the show: the 1U 19” rackmount LMS 64-bit loudspeaker management processors and the small to medium size venue optimised Nítid PR loudspeakers.
The X212AF represents a paradigm shift in sound production capabilities for the biggest application environments. The dual 12” LF, 2x12” LF, 4x 6” MF, dual 3” HF, full-range, totally phase coherent design raising the bar for performance, power and operational efficiency in a line array system.

Long throw, high SPL coverage dramatically reduces the usual number of cabinets required to cover large venues and event sites. While exceptional ease of handling and Amate Audio’s onboard ACTIVE +™ integrated power and control technology enables system setup and configuration in a fraction of time required to rig and tune a conventional system.

Set up of individual cabinets, prior to flying or stacking, is enabled from the unique rear-panel mounted touchscreen GUI. Included are a number of sophisticated R&D configured presets that system-optimize the X2121AF and X218WF for different combinations and numbers of cabinets, in the most regularly encountered applications; including fully accurate phase-alignment of pairings of X212AF line array elements and the X218WF sub. Once flown, system-wide tuning via Ethernet or Wi-Fi is possible with powerful DSPStudio3 software. Dante connectivity is supported on the X212AF and X218WF sub.

Amate Audio’s LMS 1U 19’ rackmount loudspeaker management processor series is a completely new and robust next generation, platform, employing 64-bit DSP architecture, for continuous ‘round the clock’ operation and uncompromising performance in the most adverse application environments.

Introduced mid-2019 with the launch of the dual input / six output LMS206, the company is launching the LMS608 at ISE. With four analogue inputs, a two channel AES/EBU digital input, and eight analogue outputs, all on balanced XLRs, it provides more extensive operational capabilities and higher specification 24 bit ADDA convertors for improved audio performance on inputs and outputs. These units are fully configurable, with each input assignable to any output and each output having two crossovers with selectable filtering and independent compressor/ limiter settings.

Both processors offer advanced system configuration capabilities – comparable with Amate Audio’s NÍTID active loudspeaker series – for the management of both small to medium and large-scale passive sound reinforcement systems, for touring and event or fixed installation applications. Extensive control parameters include 10 parametric equalizers with 1 Hz frequency resolution – employing dB/2 bell parametric filtering. Selectable delay lines for each I/O are up to 2 seconds (680 meters) with switchable polarity.

80 password protectable user programmable memory presets offer variable level protection. 20 additional pre-installed ‘factory’ presets enable the near instantaneous system configuration capabilities of Amate Audio’s NÍTID active loudspeaker series with passive sound reinforcement. The LMS608 extends these capabilities with presets to a wider range of NÍTID loudspeaker models and a number of Xcellence systems. USB and Ethernet connectivity provides enhanced external control with DSPLink software for Windows and Mac OS (downloadable from the website).

Speaking on the launch of the new LMS608, International Sales Manager Jordi Amate states, “The LMS series is a completely new and robust platform, designed for constant operation in adverse environments, and with a new PEQ implementation. The system configuration presets for our passive loudspeaker systems offers new opportunities for greater efficiency. The LMS608 extends these advanced capabilities to a greater range of more complex applications. In terms of power, quality, reliability and ease of operability, there is little currently on the market to challenge it.”

The new Amate Audio Nítid PR series provides high performance loudspeaker solutions for medium to smaller sized venue applications. The ‘PR’ models offer the compact form factor and signature sound quality of their larger venue spec’d ‘P’ suffixed equivalents, with lower power ratings – and resultant cost saving. The N12PR, N15PR and N18WPR – all feature the same compact low form factor, high performance design engineering, and high-end Polyurea® finished, durable birch-ply construction.

The asymmetrical trapezoidal form factor of the N12PR and N15PR’s enable the cabinets to be stacked or pole mounted as point source main PA, or used in stage monitor applications. Accurate internal passive crossovers achieve an optimum smooth and clear frequency response and excellent protection for the HF drivers. Double Speakon NL4MPR® sockets feature on input and link connections; mounted on an inclined plane, for protection against moisture. All models feature proprietary 2mm speaker grilles, with the best possible perforation coefficient, for robust protection and improved sound quality.

PR series ‘lower power ratings’ are nonetheless substantial, providing for high SPL performance in the designed application environments. N12PR and N15PR 2-way full-range systems provide continuous musical program ratings of 400 W and 800 W with continuous maximum SPL outputs of 123 dB and 128 dB, respectively. The N18WPR compact sub, 2000 W continuous music program and 130dB continuous maximum SPL. Al three models offer exceptional sonic performance and operational versatility, representing exceptional value in their product class.