Updated Installation Products Now Offer App-based Control Via Bluetooth

Pa200MX app

At the recent ISE show WORK PRO unveiled the first devices to allow extensive app-based control over Bluetooth: updated versions of the company's PA 100 MX installation amplifier and MD 82 AX auto-mixer.

The PA 100 MX is WORK PRO's half-rack, three-input 100W installation amplifier with two line inputs and one mic input, a built-in feedback destroyer and a switchable low-impedance (4/8O) or 70/100V output. As well as adding Bluetooth control, the new PA 200 MX being showcased at ISE doubles the power output of the PA 100 MX to 200W while offering all of the handy features of the original. The MD 82 AX MkII making its debut at ISE also retains all the functions of the original auto-mixer (auto-mixing with a selectable Target level and switchable phantom power for up to eight mic channels with full bass, mid and treble EQ, a four-level automatic feedback destroyer function, and high-pass filtering) but with all of these features now additionally accessible and controllable via Bluetooth.

The carefully thought out Bluetooth implementation improves on the existing RJ45-based network control offered by the original PA 100 MX and MD 82 AX. Control of the updated devices is now possible via a Bluetooth control app for iOS or Android tablets or smartphones. The intuitive user interface controls all the major features on the PA 200 MX (including mic channel input gain, the settings on the feedback destroyer, and output gain) and those of the MD 82 AX MkII (for example per-channel input gain, target levels per channel for auto-mixing, feedback destroyer and EQ settings, and per-channel mutes and output level settings). What's more, preset configurations of all of these major settings can be stored via the Bluetooth control app for both devices and recalled remotely when required: two complete system configurations on the amplifier and three for the auto-mixer.

The Bluetooth-capable PA 200 MX and MD 82 AX MkII are shipping now.