AUDAC with three new series of ceiling speakers


The Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC announced that it will expand its existing range of ceiling speakers with three new series. This will create more diversity for choosing a ceiling speaker specific to a project demands.

The CENA series is designed to offer a cost-effective solution in a single cone 4.5” and 6.5” model and have a low-profile construction that allows placement in locations with limited ceiling space.

The CIRA series is designed with installer convenience in mind and delivers superior audio reproduction. The series has a lot of the advantages that normally are only found in premium priced ceiling speakers. The CIRA series is granted with a well-balanced two-way speaker combination that fills an entire room. TwistBlend, a patented lock system, allows easy removal and replacement of the grill.

Equipped with a metal protection dome that will protect against possible debris and enhance the speakers sound quality. The introduction of the SafeLatch mounting system provides the CALI speakers with three-point, spring-loaded, metal arms that loosely hold the speaker in its place when being mounted.