Amate Audio launches smart active compact loudspeaker series

Columns nitid N26 N36 N46 family

ISE 2018 sees Amate Audio publicly debut Nítid, its very latest high performance, ultra-compact active loudspeaker series. Nítid establishes a new performance paradigm for compact sound reinforcement, attaining higher SPLs and standards of sonic reproduction from cabinets of this size, at a competitive budget point.

Amate Audio celebrates 45 years of professional audio engineering from Barcelona with the launch of Nítid. This groundbreaking compact, ‘smart’, active speaker series, aggregates latest generation digital power amplification and system control technologies, with advanced electroacoustic design optimisation techniques, to achieve exceptional levels of sonic quality, power, performance and versatility.

Nítid currently comprises powerful compact line array, sub-bass, column system and ultra low form-factor 2-way FOH and stage monitor point-source systems; all being shown on the ISE booth. Further products are to be introduced throughout the year.

Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Joan Amate, explains the inspiration behind the new loudspeaker series, “Nítid marks our 45th anniversary, with a product series that is the culmination of our current development work in DSP, electroacoustic engineering and cabinet design. We have been researching, designing and developing the project during the last two years, with the objective of defining new standards of power and performance in ultra-compact sound reinforcement.

“Nítid is a full range of systems providing lower profile, more portable full-scale solutions, for small to mid-sized installation and live event production applications. Every model has been defined through a dynamic process of optimisation, calibration and configuration of components and form factor, to achieve best possible system performance. The result is exceptional signal reproduction and SPLs from more compact systems than was achievable before.”

Feature highlights include premium components, such as the proprietary high performance 110o x 11o aluminium long throw waveguide in the N208 line array, the 6” full-range custom carbon fiber cone driver in the N26, N36 and N46 column systems, and the company’s universal switching mode power supply. Integral ‘plug & play’ power and control technology includes optimized DSP presets for near instantaneous setup and system configuration. Rear mounted control panels feature proprietary SensitiveTouchTM weatherproof capacitive sensor keypad technology. On-screen output power display helps monitor the system and a selectable ECO mode automatically powers-down the system in the absence of any signal.

Exclusively designed lightweight speaker grilles provide robust protection and improved sound quality, with the best perforation coefficient in the market. Polyurea® finishes ensure durable protection for the birch-ply cabinets, and electronic circuits and controls are smartly protected against moisture. Recessed handles and custom flying points are designed to aide handling, portability and rapid deployment.

Also on the company’s booth are latest models in the Xcellence series of premium point-source and compact line array systems, offering uncompromising performance and design optimization. Principle among these is the “game-changing” X12CLA ultra-compact, portable constant curvature array. Deployable in either line-array or horizontal point-source cluster configuration, the X12CLA offers near-audiophile signal quality, exceptional long throw coverage with consistent frequency response and directivity, high SPLs, and an exceptionally compact form factor. A wealth of high-end features include the custom isophasic waveguide, integral third-generation class-D amplification and DSP system management, as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi remote control via Amate Audio’s Windows or iPad based DSP Studio 2 software.