Qbit goes AES67 on DVB & Streaming @ IBC2019

Front Display Q880

The new Qbit Q8xx technology offers up to 64 stereo channels and 280 Internet streams in 1 Rack unit consuming less than 50 watts which is a spectacular breakthrough in the broadcast industry.

The extreme low power and longevity of Qbit products are contributing to a lower impact on the environment. Qbit’s well-designed embedded technology in combination with the latest audio standards such as AES67, RAVENNA and DANTE brings exactly the right technology which broadcasters are demanding.

Based on this technology, Qbit recently launched a range of new Q8xx products to the market such as the Q880-STREAM – a multi-channel Internet Radio Streaming Encoder or the Q880-DVB – a multi-channel DVB Audio Encoder and the Q866 – a Internet Streaming transcoder

Q880-DVB, AES67 compliant multi-channel DVB Audio Encoder

DVB Multi-channel Audio Encoder offers an AES67/RAVENNA/DANTE and MADI Interface. This allows the broadcaster to get rid of the huge amount of traditional audio cables and allows the transport up to 64 stereo programs to the DVB audio encoder via one IP cable. The Q880-DVB encodes the 64 stereo channels into a variety of audio encoding algorithms such as MPEG 1 layer 2, AAC-LC, HE-AAC-v1/v2 and many more.

Q880-STREAM, AES67 compliant multi-channel Internet Radio Streaming Encoder

Based on the same Q8xx technology, the Q880-STREAM offers encoding of up to 50 stereo programs and generates up to 280 outgoing streams in Icecast and HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). Qbit’s reliable embedded technology allows extreme low encoding delay, compact design and is prepared for future protocols.

The absence of server-based operating system (such as Windows) offers a long life without costly upgrades of operating systems and hardware.

Q866, Internet Radio to DVB Transcoder | Now HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) compliant

Icecast, SHOUTcast, a range of audio codecs, Qbit’s Internet Radio Transcoder can transcode up to 48 stereo programs to DVB-IP. Icecast/SHOUTcast Metadata are automatically transcoded to UECP (RDS) and embedded in the DVB Transport Stream.

Qbit will announce at the IBC the Q866 Firmware to support HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). This standard was specially designed for mobile operation where the programs are available in several streaming quality allowing the mobile user to enjoy the best audio quality, based on bandwidth. Needles to say that the Q866 will always ingest the highest available audio quality.