Several new audio and IP-based communication products from AEQ are presented, as well as new broadcast monitors with the “KROMA by AEQ” brand name.


Olympia3 NEW AEQ CU

AEQ is probably the company that accumulates more references than any other company for its involvement as an equipment supplier for the broadcasting of large international sporting events. The accumulated experience spans more than 30 years.

As a result of all this experience, we present our 3rd generation Commentary Unit at the 2017 NAB Show.

The CU, Commentary Unit, is technically the device used to generate and send the Unilateral Audio Signals (commentary) from the event venue to a radio or television broadcaster.

The design and functionality of the OLYMPIA 3 is really impressive:

The unit can operate in three different ways: as a standalone unit (audio mixer), simply connected to a control PC; as a part of an AoIP intercom system operating on a multi-channel audio network (the unit is DanteTM native but is also AES67 compatible) at the same time being an intercom panel for coordination or; forming part of a large scale commentary system.

Each unit features 3 x Gb Ethernet ports. One of them allows for PoE supply while the other two allow for daisy chain connection and have auxiliary output for video and data transport. It can also operate as a standalone audio mixer that may be configured as mono or stereo, with routing, tone adjustments and dynamics control.

It allows for the connection of up to three microphones (one of these can be set to work as the order microphone when operating as an intercom panel whenever required) and two line inputs. The design is a splash-proof construction and allows for outdoor operation under direct sunlight. It can also be configured with reduced brightness for operation in darker and indoor areas.

AoIP connectivity. AEQ provides the widest range of native DANTETM AoIP networked audio devices for broadcast use: Mixing consoles for ON-AIR and production, Matrix and Routing Systems, Broadcast Automation Playout Workstations, AudioCodecs for program contribution and a wide range of audio input/output interface devices. OLYMPIA 3 can be connected to all of them via AoIP. Further, if using the native DANTE mode, OLYMPIA 3 can communicate with over 700 devices from third-party manufacturers. AES67 mode further guarantees the interconnectivity with any system or device that is compatible with the AES standard.



Customers’ request for greater flexibility has driven us to develop the new SPLIT version of AEQ FORUM IP mixing console. Now, this product is available with a version where the control surface is separate from the Engine or Core. Further, the control surface has been split into modules that can be installed individually. Interconnection between the modules and to the engine is made with standard CAT5 wiring using RJ45 connectors. They are also very easy and convenient to integrate or embed in the studio furniture.

From a configuration and operation point of view, FORUM IP SPLIT is no different from the original, self contained version. However, this new one version supports larger configurations with up to 24 fader channels. The setup and configuration application is still the easiest to use available on the market. The popular SW options, such as VIRTUAL FORUM and FORUM SCREEN, are of course compatible with this new version.